Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5709

  Charlie wade smiled to himself and nodded, “In other words, living for a thousand years is not even a matter in front of the heavens, and is not yet worthy of the heavens sending down a heavenly thunderbolt.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded slightly, “I suppose so.”

  After saying this, she could not help but sigh, “However, it is true that Gongzi and Shigong had a karmic connection, although when Gongzi was born, Shigong had already been on his crane for more than three hundred years, but you happened to have a slight connection with him for the first five hundred years, as well as the last five hundred years ……”

  When it comes to this, Lin Wan’er suddenly asked curiously, “I dare to ask, how did you enter the path? Which venerable elder brought you into the Dao?”

  Charlie wade saw that Lin Wan’er had already revealed all her past and secrets, so he himself no longer concealed them and said, “I happened to get an ancient book called the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures, which contains a great deal of content related to cultivation, and it was through that ancient book that I entered the Dao.”

  Lin Wan’er frowned: “The Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures? Wan’er seems to have never heard of it.”

  ”Is that so?” Charlie wade said with some disappointment, “I thought that this ‘Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures’ might have been authored by this Senior Meng Changsheng Meng ……”

  Lin Wan’er said, “My family father has never mentioned the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures …… I have never met Shifu either, and all I know about him is what I have heard from my family father’s mouth.”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “You’ve never met Meng Changsheng?”

  ”No.” Lin Wan’er said, “When my father returned from his first trip to the mountains, my slave had heard my father talk about Elder Meng, and my father also tried to get my slave to master the aura, but my slave really didn’t have that kind of wisdom, so I had never been able to enter the door of a cultivator, if my slave could master the aura, perhaps there would be a chance to meet Elder Meng and see his old man.”

  Charlie wade suddenly remembered something and said with a smile, “The portrait that Old Madam Jiang gave me is hidden in the Champs-Elysees Spa Villa, if you are interested, I will bring it to you later.”

  Lin Wan’er said with some fascination, “My slave has never known what Master Gong looked like for so many years, and being able to see his portrait is a fulfilment of a wish.”

  Charlie wade nodded gently and asked her again, “By the way, although you don’t master aura, you are immune to my means of erasing your memory, this should also be the effect of the Ancient Everlasting Pill, right?”

  ”Yes.” Lin Wan’er smiled faintly, “After taking the Vanguard Evergreen Pill, although my slave was still unable to master aura, my slave possessed the ability to sense aura, my slave could sense the aura from my father’s body, as well as the aura from that mother tree of Pu Cha back then, and likewise the aura from your son’s body, as well as the aura from the day you were in Northern Europe and tried to erase my slave’s memory, and It was only on that occasion that the slave also discovered that the means by which the gongzi used his aura to hypnotise as well as erase his memory with his aura was of no use to the slave.”

  Ever since the moment Lin Wan’er called herself Wan’er in front of him, Charlie wade guessed that his tactics must have been ineffective against her.

  But what Charlie wade did not expect was that Lin Wan’er had such a keen ability to perceive aura.

  He was surprised and asked, “You just said that back then, that mother tree of Pu Cha also had spirit energy in its body, is that true? A tree, how could it possess aura?!”

  ”It’s true.” Lin Wan’er said seriously, “Not only did the Pu Cha mother tree have aura, it was also very powerful, it was just a pity that after it was struck dead by heavenly lightning, all the aura on it went up in smoke.”

  Charlie wade was in awe, and the rest of his eyes could not help but look at the lightning strike wood that Lin Wan’er had just taken out, and he thought to himself, “The lightning strike wood that Wan Ting had given me at the beginning was formed by the lightning strike on the heart of the Blood Dragon Wood, and it was refined into a thunderbolt order, which was incredibly powerful. lightning strike wood, the power would only be stronger, right?”

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