Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5705

“Wu Fiona?”

  Charlie wade’s eyes widened, “That Ying Master of the Broken Qing Society is a woman?!”

  ”Right.” Lin Wan’er nodded and gritted her teeth, “Not only is she a woman, but she is also the most vicious woman in this world!”

  Charlie wade asked in surprise, “She is your father’s brother’s sister, so wouldn’t she also have lived for three or four hundred years?!”

  Lin Wan’er thought for a moment and said, “Wu Fiona is one year younger than my father and twenty-three years older than me, now she is four hundred years old.”

  Charlie wade said, “Then she should have taken the Wan Gu Evergreen Pill as well, right?”

  ”Of course.” Lin Wan’er sighed with emotion, “The Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill was left to the two of them by my father and Wu Fiona’s common master before their time was up, originally one for each of them, in the hope that they would be able to continue their great work against the Qing Dynasty;”

  ”In addition to one Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill for each of them, my master also gave the ring in my father’s hand to keep in safekeeping, so that one day when the chance comes, they can obtain the formula and gongfu he left behind, which is said to contain the mystery of being able to live up to one thousand years;”

  ”But to my surprise, after the master crane had passed away, Wu Fiona suddenly acted on a whim and seriously injured my father, trying to take away my father’s ring, as well as the Ten Thousand Years Everlasting Pill;”

  ”At the critical moment, the ring sent my father to me, and only then did my father give me his Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill ……”

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er sighed, adjusted her mood, and added: “I’d better start telling you in detail from the time when the Broken Qing Society was first established, otherwise I’m also afraid that you won’t be able to understand it in the clouds.”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and busily said, “Please speak!”

  Lin Wan’er sipped her tea and said, “My father, Lin Hong’en, was born in the second year of Tianqi, which is 1622 in the Gregorian calendar.”

  ”The Lin family has been loyal and virtuous for generations since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty;”

  ”The ancestors of the Lin family were the first to serve as officials in Aurous Hill, and then moved to Eastcliff with Chengzu’s family;”

  ”It was only at the end of the Ming Dynasty when the eunuchs were in power and times were turbulent that the Lin family’s fortunes gradually declined, and by the time my father came of age and married my mother, the Lin family no longer had any official positions;”

  ”My father was originally a scholar, but he always wanted to get a scholarly degree in the hope of reviving the Lin family business, but after the Qing army entered the country, my father joined the army and changed his name to Lin Chiru, and together with Wu Fernard, he founded the Qing Breaking Society, vowing to drive the Manchus back out of the country;”

  ”Wu Fernard was a native of Liaodong and a distant relative of the great traitor Wu Sangui, but because he was not ashamed of Wu Sangui for selling out his country and seeking glory, he aspired to fight against the Qing and restore the Ming;”

  ”Wu Fiona must have been nineteen that year and also followed her brother Wu Fernard and joined the Qing Breaking Society;”

  ”Since then, my father has been taking my mother with him, wandering around fighting the Qing army;”

  ”When I was born, my mother was already suffering from many health problems because she had been displaced by my father and the conditions were so poor that she died before I was even a month old.

  ”In the fourth year of the Yongli calendar, 1650, the Qing army went all the way south to break through Huguang, the Southern Ming army was defeated and the Qing Breaking Society, which fought with the Southern Ming, also suffered heavy losses;”

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