Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5700

“What did you …… you say?!”

  Lin Wan’er’s lightly spoken words made Charlie wade feel like his entire body had gone numb.

  This was not an exaggerated description at all, but he really felt that he was slightly tingling from his scalp to his toes!

  Lin Wan’er said that she had watched that Pu’er Mother Tree go through a tribulation three hundred years ago at the edge of the Heavenly Pond, so wouldn’t that mean that she was now over three hundred years old?!

  Deep inside Charlie wade’s heart, he was unable to believe Lin Wan’er’s statement for a while.

  After all, even if a person had truly found the path to longevity, it was often one step at a time.

  One began to ask for the path in one’s twenties or thirties, but it was often possible to enter the path only when one was fifty or sixty or even older.

  As one enters the path deeper and deeper, one lives longer and longer, but a practitioner over a hundred years old retains at best the appearance of being in his early to mid-sixties, like that Count of the Broken Clear Society.

  If Lin Wan’er was really more than three hundred years old, she would have to look at least sixty or seventy, or even seventy or eighty, so how could she always have the appearance of a seventeen or eighteen year old?

  Even for myself, who had entered the Way in my twenties and was not yet thirty, it was absolutely impossible for me to return to the state of seventeen or eighteen again.

  Seeing that Charlie wade did not seem to believe what he said, Lin Wan’er asked nervously, “Is it because your servant is joking with you?”

  Charlie wade subconsciously nodded his head, then shook his head again and said, “I’m just a little shocked ……”

  Saying that, he asked curiously, “Why did you suddenly call me Gongzi and suddenly call yourself a slave?”

  Lin Wan’er laughed, “In the past, girls usually called themselves grandson to adult unmarried men, but as for slave ……, if a girl was not married, she used to call herself ‘slave’ all the time, The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

  The four words “frankly and honestly” made Charlie wade’s mind suddenly think of Lin Wan’er’s appearance just now without a piece of cloth.

  For a moment, his expression was a little subtly awkward.

  And Lin Wan’er also realised that Charlie wade might have misunderstood his meaning, and her heart was shy and unbearable.

  So, she hurriedly said to Charlie wade, “Wait a moment, my servant will fetch something to show you!”

  Saying that, she got up and went downstairs, carrying a beautifully framed scroll from downstairs.

  Lin Wan’er went to the other side of the bed and placed the scroll on the floor and slowly spread it out, a landscape scroll about two and a half metres wide and six metres long unfolded slowly.

  Charlie wade looked at the painting with rapt attention, at the majestic landscape that was slowly unfolding in front of him.

  The majestic and endless mountains, the heavenly pond hanging in the valley like a mirror, the landscape in the painting was so natural that Charlie wade was instantly captivated.

  Charlie wade had never thought that the mood of a landscape painting could be so enchanting. The scenery in this painting was so divine that every stroke seemed to be impeccable, and the last time he had seen such a stunning painting was the portrait of Meng Changsheng that Old Lady Jiang had given to him.

  And this painting was even more divine than that one.

  At this moment, Lin Wan’er used her slender jade hand to point at the large towering and luxuriant tree on the edge of the celestial pond in the painting and said to Charlie wade, “My lord, this is the mother of Pu Cha that my slave was talking about, and this is how it looked three hundred years ago.”

  After saying that, she moved her finger to a human-shaped silhouette under the tree and spoke, “This is the slave, and for a while, the slave would sit under this tea tree every day to drink tea, look at the mountains and watch the water.”

  Subconsciously, Charlie wade asked Lin Wan’er, “This painting, did you paint it?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded: “Back to your son, this painting was made by my slave a few days ago, specifically for your son.”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but be shocked, he didn’t expect that Lin Wan’er could have such an extraordinary painting skill, his old husband had even said some time ago that the Painting and Calligraphy Association was organising a painting exhibition and he was struggling to find very good works, if he took this painting there, I’m afraid that all the landscape painters in the country would explode!

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