Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5699

  Lin Wan’er smiled cheekily and said, “It just so happens that Wan’er still has the last piece of Pu’er tea cake left, and has never bothered to drink it, just waiting for the day when she can cook it for Brother Charlie wade to try with her own hands, Brother Charlie wade wait a moment!”

  Charlie wade said, “Miss Lin, you don’t have to go to such trouble, just pour me a cup of plain water!”

  Lin Wan’er stood up and said without looking back, “The tea cake that Wan’er kept is the best Pu’er tea cake in this world, brother Charlie wade will definitely regret it in the future if he doesn’t try it!”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “Moreover, everything that Brother Charlie wade is curious about in his heart, Wan’er will start from that tea cake.”

  After saying that, she didn’t wait for Charlie wade’s response and hurriedly went to fetch her full set of tea sets, as well as that piece of Pu’er tea cake that she had always treasured.

  Returning to her bed, Lin Wan’er carefully lit the olive-fired charcoal inside the copper stove, then took advantage of the break in boiling water to unwrap the aged pu-erh tea cake and pry open a piece with a fine pu-erh tea knife.

  The moment the tea was just unpacked, Charlie wade smelt a special tea fragrance that he had never felt before.

  This tea fragrance, with a very rich and aromatic taste, and after a long period of fermentation and storage, the tea cake itself also carried an ancient scent that was difficult to describe in words, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

  Charlie wade had watched his father drink tea since he was a child and could occasionally follow suit with a cup and a half cup, so he was quite knowledgeable about tea, but he had never seen such a special tea, and it was no exaggeration to say that in front of this pu-erh tea cake, all pu-erh tea was eclipsed!

  Lin Wan’er elegantly boiled water for the tea, and after the tea leaves were put into the water, they quickly dispersed when they encountered high temperature, and a stronger tea fragrance immediately came to his nose, making Charlie wade feel that his mind had been cleared up by the tea fragrance.

  Immediately afterwards, Lin Wan’er poured the boiled tea into a small Jianzhang cup, and then handed the clear tea soup to Charlie wade, saying with a smile, “Brother Charlie wade, try it.”

  Charlie wade took the cup, placed it under his nose and gently sniffed it, and then took a shallow sip. The tea soup was extremely rich and sweet, a perfect combination of smell and taste, causing Charlie wade to stare in amazement.

  He could not help but sigh, “This tea is just too perfect, it definitely exceeds everything I know about pu-erh tea, dare I ask Miss Lin, where exactly did you get such a good tea?”

  Lin Wan’er said with a smile, “Brother Charlie wade, this cake of tea was made three hundred years ago from the tea leaves borne by an ancient Pu’er tea tree called the Mother of Pu’er tea, it is the mother plant of all Pu’er teas, all Pu’er teas under the heavens are propagated from it, it was the earliest tea farmers who kept breaking its branches and taking them to various places to cultivate and plant them again, which gave rise to the Pu’er teas that were later sold nationwide. “

  Charlie wade exclaimed, “This tea is really three hundred years old?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded: “It’s true, but this tree was struck by lightning three hundred years ago and turned into charcoal, what Brother Charlie wade is drinking now is the last cake of tea produced in its last year.

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “This story, is the person selling the tea told you?”

  ”No.” Lin Wan’er shook her head gently, turned around and took a small parcel, turned it over carefully, and inside, there was a long-established piece of thunderbolt wood!

  Lin Wan’er took the lightning strike wood out and said quietly, “Everything that has lived for a long time has its tribulation, >and people in cultivation are no exception, and this tree is no exception, it has lived for tens of thousands of years and nurtured countless tea plants, but it also has its own tribulation to cross, and this is what it will look like when it fails to cross the tribulation.”

  Charlie wade was puzzled and asked, “Why do you know so well?”

  Lin Wan’er glanced at Charlie wade, then looked down at the lightning-struck wood in her hand again, her expression seemingly struggling a little.

  After a moment, she raised her head and met Charlie wade’s gaze with those clear eyes, her vermilion lips lightly opened and said, “Because …… three hundred years ago, my slave stood at the edge of the Heavenly Pond in southern Yunnan and watched it go through the tribulation …… “

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