Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5692

  Don Albert’s heart stuttered and he too panicked.

  He had seen Charlie wade summon heavenly thunder with his own eyes.

  He knew that the loud explosion just now was not the movement of the Heavenly Thunder!

  So, he shouted, “I’ll go check it out!”

  He jumped straight onto the helicopter that had been on standby in the courtyard and said to the desperate pilot, “Quickly! Take off now!”

  At this moment, a figure quickly ran out, only to see Li Yalin jumping onto the helicopter in three or two steps and saying offhandedly, “Mr. Albert, I’ll go with you!”

  Don Albert hurriedly said, “Inspector Li, I have been ordered by Master Wade to protect you and the An family, you’d better stay here!”

  Li Yalin shook his head and said, “Mr. Albert don’t forget, I am a police officer, if there is really any accident, no one is more professional than me in the matter of surveying the scene!”

  After thinking about it, Don Albert agreed and said, “Then it will be hard for Inspector Li!”

  After saying that, he then said to the pilot, “Take off!”

  The helicopter increased its throttle and lifted off, carrying the two of them towards Wanliu Villa at a gallop.

  As they approached the sky above the Willow Villa, Don Albert could already see the strange circular void in the distant valley by the light of the moon.

  So, he immediately pointed at the blank area and said to the pilot, “Quick! Fly towards there!”

  The pilot manoeuvred the helicopter at breakneck speed to the bizarre valley, and when they got closer, Don Albert and Li Yalin found that the circular blank area was already a scorched earth, while the grass and trees around it were all tipped towards the outer edge of the circle.

  Combined with the violent explosion just now, the two speculated that this circular blank area must have been caused by the explosion just now, and that the centre of the explosion was the centre of the circle!

  Don Albert’s heart was suddenly in his throat, and he suddenly had a bad intuition.

  In his nervousness, he hurriedly said to the pilot, “Drop down quickly!”

  Li Yalin blurted out, “It’s better not to land in the centre, lest any clues on the ground be destroyed by the strong winds from the helicopter!”

  Don Albert nodded and said to the pilot, “Then land on the edge!”

  The pilot immediately parked the helicopter at the edge of the circular blank area.

  All Li Yalin thought was, don’t ruin the trail to the centre of the explosion.

  But what he didn’t expect was that the location where Don Albert had the pilot land was just the area where Genesis crawled away from the incident, and the strong winds that the helicopter set off completely erased the traces left by Genesis in an instant.

  At that moment, the anxious Don Albert had already pulled open the door and jumped out before the helicopter had completely stopped, with Li Yalin following closely behind.

  He ran quickly towards the centre of the explosion and was shocked to find that the ground at the centre was already hardened and cracked by the heat!

  On the ground, there was a black outline of a human figure, a human trace left behind by the explosion.

  Don Albert suddenly saw some reflective fragments on the ground and picked them up, only to find that they were shells or other fragments.

  Immediately afterwards, he remembered that Charlie wade had once won a giant clam at an auction for over a hundred million dollars, and that auction had caused quite a shock in Aurous Hill, and now it seemed that this fragment, with its lustre and pattern, was extremely similar to a giant clam!

  Thinking of this, Don Albert’s heart sank to the bottom.

  Seeing the sudden change in his expression when he looked at the shell fragment in his hand, Li Yalin hurriedly asked, “What is this?”

  Don Albert said in a six-headed manner, “This …… should be Master Wade’s stuff ……”

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