Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5688

  This huge formation had cost Lord Ying several years of time and a great deal of spiritual energy, and the Four Counts were grateful to Lord Ying for this. In their hearts, they possessed the formation inside the Mud Pill Palace, and they were the ones who had two lives.

  Only, thirty years had passed, but none of the Four Counts had actually opened the Mud Pill Palace’s formation!

  This was mainly because, in these past thirty years, they hadn’t encountered any life and death super crises at all.

  Although Jordan Bojun did encounter a life and death crisis in Cyprus, that time the situation was special.

  The three close-in cannons that killed him were so fast, so powerful and so brutal that Jordan Bojun went from sensing danger to death in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t even remember the mud palace that the British Lord had opened for them thirty years ago.

  Moreover, even if he had remembered, it would have been meaningless because he would not have had enough time to open the formation inside the Mud Pill Palace!

  And right now, Uncle Jaro had just that opportunity!

  With this in mind, Uncle Jaro looked at Charlie wade with a miserable smile, and while quietly running the heart technique to open the Mud Pill Palace, he said to Charlie wade with a fierce smile, “Surnamed Wade! Even if you destroy my physical body, what can you do? In a few years’ time, I will come back to life, and by then, you may have already been shredded by Lord Ying! But if you are lucky enough not to die at the hands of Lord Ying, by then I will also change my physical body to kill you with my own hands!”

  Grace Lowes in the dark sighed in relief and sighed in her heart, “It seems that Jaro Bo’s life shouldn’t end ……”

  At this moment, Charlie wade frowned tightly and questioned him, “What? Are you planning to come back to me for revenge after you reincarnate?”

  Uncle Jaro laughed and gritted his teeth, “Surnamed Wade, it seems that you have not mastered the secret of longevity, if you had, how could you not even know about taking a new life! Hahahahaha, after today, Lord Ying will definitely reshape my golden body for me, and when I recover my cultivation, I will definitely come to seek revenge on you!”

  Charlie wade clearly felt that the old man in front of him had undergone a huge change in his state.

  One second he was afraid of death and begging for mercy, but the next second he suddenly had a generous intention to die as if he were returning, and it even seemed that he was not afraid of death at all, but was looking forward to it!

  And Charlie wade was not wrong.

  Uncle Jaro was indeed looking forward to death!

  His physical body had already been destroyed by Charlie wade into a ruin, and even if he survived, he would only be able to spend the rest of his life in bed.

  After the opening of the Mud Pill Palace, a remnant of his soul would be able to escape and be reborn in the future with a younger, stronger body, so he would be able to return to his current level of cultivation within a few decades!

  So, at this moment, he was ready to die!

  At the same time, his mind’s magic was completed in his divine consciousness, and his mud pellet palace was instantly opened up, while the formation in it, which had been dormant for thirty years, was suddenly operating at great speed like a small universe!

  Uncle Jaro burst into laughter, not caring about the blood spurting out of his mouth, his eyes staring deadly at Charlie wade as he laughed out loud in excitement and fierceness, “The Mud Pill Palace is open! The Mud Pill Palace is open! Charlie wade! Remember, I, Jaroqing, will personally take revenge from you a thousand times over in the future!”

  Charlie wade did not know what he was up to, but his intuition told him that he had to fight quickly.

  So he immediately shouted out, “Lei Lai!”

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