Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5687

The Palace of Mud Pills, the seat of the Nine True Paths in Taoist cultivation!

  Some say that the Mud Pillar Palace is what the human anatomy calls the Pineal Gland, which secretes a variety of hormones and has a very subtle yet metaphysical effect on the human body.

  But as it ages, its own functions, will slowly degenerate and gradually become ornamental.

  But if a monk can reopen it, he can open up a whole new world!

  To open the Mud Pill Palace means to use spiritual energy to open the Mud Pill Palace in the middle of the brain.

  Generally speaking, it is easy to open the lower Dantian and it is not difficult to open the eight meridians, but only extremely strong practitioners are capable of opening the Mud Pill Palace.

  However, for Taoists, this is where the supreme place of the Nine True Paths is located, and where one’s divine sense arises.

  If one opens the Mud Pill Palace and cultivates it in the right way, not only will one be able to master more powerful and mysterious powers, but one’s divine sense will also be able to divorce itself from the body and do as it pleases.

  However, most of these claims have only been written in Taoist books, but I am afraid that even out of seven billion people, it would be difficult to find anyone who has ever opened the Mud Pill Palace on their own.

  Even Charlie wade did not know how to open the Mud Pill Palace at all.

  It was written in the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing that mastering spiritual energy was only an extremely basic element of initiation for a cultivator, and that only after opening the Mud Pill Palace could one be considered a true cultivator.

  However, in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, there was no heart method left on how to open the Mud Pill Palace.

  The Four Great Counts, including Jaro Bo and Grace Lowes, had actually failed to open the Mud Pill Palace either.

  However, thirty years ago, Lord Ying had used his great divine power to forcefully open the Mud Pill Palace for the Four Earls!

  By forcing their Mud Pill Palace open, Lord Ying was not able to provide them with any help in terms of cultivation, however, Lord Ying had spent several years to leave an extremely large formation inside each of the four of them’s Mud Pill Palace.

  In addition, Lord Ying had also taught them a heart technique that could be used in times of crisis to open the formation within the mud pellet palace by silently reciting it in their hearts.

  According to Lord Ying, if the four of them were in a life-or-death situation, they could open the Mud Pill Palace with their hearts and activate the formation in the Mud Pill Palace, and the formation would help them to realize the death of their physical bodies and the life of their souls!

  Therefore, when Grace Lowes saw that it was impossible for Uncle Jaro to escape from Charlie wade’s hands, it was the best time to open the Mud Pill Palace!

  At the same time, Uncle Jaro’s heart instantly thudded!

  He suddenly remembered what Lord Ying had once said, that if they were in a life-and-death situation, they should open the formation in the Mud Pill Palace!

  Lord Ying also said that as long as this remnant soul was left behind in heaven and earth, their consciousness would be preserved.

  Their enemies would not be able to detect the remnants of their souls, and even if they did, there was nothing they could do about it!

  As for themselves, they did not have to worry that the remnant soul would become a lonely ghost, for Lord Ying promised that he would definitely find their remnant soul and take it away within the shortest possible time.

  At that time, Lord Ying would find a suitable body for them and help their remnant soul to take over the body of its original owner.

  In this way, they can be reborn in another shell!

  In other words, the formation in the Mud Pill Palace is the last chance for the four of them, a chance to be reborn and live again!

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