Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5683

  However, at the very moment he was just coming at extreme speed towards Charlie wade, Charlie wade suddenly shouted once again, “Lei again!”

  Immediately afterwards, with a boom, Jaro Bo, who had just leapt a ten feet away, was once again struck by a bolt of heavenly lightning!

  The tremendous force caused the white hair on top of Jaro Bo’s head, which was already in disarray, to instantly turn into carbon dust, and his ragged daoist robe almost vanished into thin air, leaving only a pair of tattered red trousers.

  Charlie wade looked at him and laughed in contempt, “You old tart, you’re over a hundred years old and you’re still wearing a pair of red trousers, shame on you?”

  Although Uncle Jaro was struck by lightning, he still held his body together and cursed hysterically, “You …… you king …… son of a b*tch! Poor …… poor dao …… poor dao this year’s current year!”

  ”The current year of life?” Charlie wade slightly froze, and then laughed: “You are so old, still believe in this?”

  Uncle Jaro couldn’t hold up his face and gritted his teeth, “What does it matter to you if I believe or not!”

  As he said this, Uncle Jaro’s brain was already running at a rapid pace.

  He did not expect that even though he had used the technique of Shifting Shadows, he still could not dodge Charlie wade’s Heavenly Lightning!

  And this feeling of being struck by lightning was really painful to the extreme, the pain and injuries were still secondary, the key was the electrical energy in the heavenly lightning that caused the body muscles to twitch uncontrollably, and the body would completely lose control in a short period of time.

  It was also at this moment that Jaro Bo understood that he was no match for Charlie wade.

  At least, he definitely could not defeat Charlie wade tonight!

  Not only was he much inferior to Charlie wade in terms of magic weapons, but more importantly, when he tried the lightning striking wood two days ago, he had consumed a third of his spiritual energy in one go, and just now, using the wooden sword and the shifting spell in turn had accelerated the consumption of a lot of spiritual energy, plus being struck by lightning twice, there was no chance of winning!

  Thinking of this, he made up his mind that he had to escape as soon as possible!

  In his mind, Charlie wade had already revealed his identity, and also his magic treasures and strength, but now that his own magic treasures had fallen behind, and he could not get close enough to fight physically, he had no chance of winning tonight, so he could only take the opportunity to escape first, and after reporting the matter to Lord Ying, then wait for Lord Ying to come and take Charlie wade’s life personally!

  So, after a violent convulsion, Uncle Jaro jumped up from the ground with a fierce carp, and then he immediately struck two sword blades at Charlie wade, followed by running away with his legs drawn!

  What he wanted was to take advantage of Charlie wade’s distraction to deal with it and run away.

  However, he did not know that although Charlie wade was not close to him, he had been watching his every move closely!

  The blades were right in front of him, but Charlie wade was not prepared to use his Soul Piercing Blade to defend himself!

  Charlie wade flew through the sand and rocks and branches and leaves all the way! At the moment when the two blades were about to cut into him, he turned his hands into fists and slammed them into the void on both sides!

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