Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5680

A thunderclap came from Jaro Bo, shouting with great momentum and majesty!

  At this moment, according to the image in Uncle Jaro’s mind, after his own cry of thunder, the sky would definitely be filled with dark clouds and muffled thunder, followed by a bucket-thick thunderbolt descending from the sky and striking Charlie wade straight on his head!

  And he was convinced that this thunderbolt, even if it could not kill Charlie wade, would completely deprive him of his ability to resist, and then he would have a million ways to torture him and force him to reveal all his secrets!

  However, after Uncle Jaro shouted that thunder was coming, there were no dark clouds in the sky like the last time, nor was there a roar of lightning and thunder.

  The night in Aurous Hill was exceptionally clear tonight, and as there was no light pollution in the mountainous region, one could look up and see a curved moon and a sky full of stars.

  When Uncle Jaro saw that the dark clouds had not yet arrived and the lightning had not yet arrived, he could not help but be puzzled and looked at the thunderbolt wood in his hand and muttered, “What’s going on? Where is my thunder?”

  Just as Uncle Jaro was puzzled, the formation in the thunderbolt wood also stopped functioning.

  Subsequently, the spiritual qi he had crossed into it was released by the formation in the thunderbolt wood and returned to his body.

  Unfortunately, in the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”, there is no record of any formation that consumes spiritual energy out of thin air, otherwise, if Jaro Bo had only tried it twice, the spiritual energy in his body would have been depleted.

  At this time, Charlie wade also asked with a curious face, “Yes, old dog, where is your thunder? Is that piece of lightning wood in your hand out of power? Did you forget to charge it before you left home?”

  Knowing that Charlie wade was mocking himself, Uncle Jaro said in a cold voice, “Kid, you’re still mouthing off at the end of your life! I think you really don’t know how to write the word “death”!”

  After he said that, he gritted his teeth and pointed at Charlie wade as he recharged his spiritual energy and ran the array in the Thunderbolt Wood, saying in a loud voice, “Kid, watch me, Lei, come again!”

  As soon as the words left his mouth, the formation was completed, but there was still no trace of dark clouds in the sky.

  And immediately afterwards, the lightning struck the wood and returned the aura of Jaro Bo.

  This feeling is like a child who dies playing a game machine just at the critical moment, and hastily takes out the coins to refill them, only to have the coins thrown in through the top coin hole, and then the machine spits them out through the bottom coin hole.

  Jaro Bo immediately panicked, staring at the blackened lightning wood in his hand, somewhat incredulously muttered, “This …… is what’s going on, last time it obviously worked once, why is it useless this time?”

  Seeing his overwhelmed look, Charlie wade couldn’t help but laugh aloud, “Old dog, it seems that this thunderstorm order of yours, isn’t working too well!”

  Uncle Jaro frowned and asked in return, “What Thunderstruck Order?!”

  Charlie wade laughed, “It’s that magic weapon you’re holding! That is the Order of Stunning Thunder!”

  ”You know this magic artifact?!” Uncle Jaro’s eyes were wide with shock.

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