Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5679

  In his panic, Uncle Jaro quickly retreated, and at the same time, he brought his Spiritual Qi to his arms and put them in front of his body, ready to resist the force.

  He thought that with his own strength, he would be able to withstand his opponent’s attack, but when he put his arms in front of him and met the soul piercing blade, he realised that he had underestimated Charlie wade’s strength and the strength of Charlie wade’s magic weapon!

  He heard a loud boom, and a huge force slammed into his arms, as if a heavy train was crashing into him at a great speed!

  The aura that had gathered on his arms was almost completely collapsed by this huge force!

  And his arms felt a sharp pain, as if they were broken, and that was not all! The tremendous impact caused Jaro Bo’s body to retreat several dozen metres one after another before he could stabilise himself.

  His arms were almost unconscious, and his chest was almost shattered, causing him to suffer internal injuries.

  But how could Uncle Jaro have imagined that he could only stand still before Charlie wade’s side rushed to his face with great speed!

  He was so shocked that he tried his best to resist, but he felt Charlie wade jerk his arm towards him, and before he could react, he was slapped in the face loudly!

  In fact, Charlie wade could have attacked him directly on the face with the Soul Piercing Blade the moment he rushed over, if he couldn’t block it, he would have been cut open, if he could block it, he would have lost half his life!

  However, Charlie wade still passed up this good opportunity to inflict a heavy blow on Uncle Jaro!

  He didn’t want Jaro Bo’s life yet, for one thing, he still needed to ask the questions he wanted to know from Jaro Bo’s mouth, and for another, he didn’t want Jaro Bo to die so easily!

  How could Uncle Jaro have expected that when Charlie wade rushed to his face, he would suddenly change his fighting style, and instead of using magic spells or magic weapons, he would slap himself solidly in the face!

  The key was that Charlie wade had used all his strength in this slap, a slap full of spiritual energy, so strong that he was sent tumbling three times in the air before falling heavily to the ground!

  Uncle Jaro wailed in pain and crawled to his feet with his face covered, his heart already furious!

  In the last hundred years, when had he ever been slapped by anyone? This slap from Charlie wade was even more unpleasant to him than his life!

  He gritted his teeth and pointed at Charlie wade, coughing up blood as he questioned, “You …… cough …… are only in your twenties, how could you …… have such strength?!”

  As he spoke, he had already quietly taken the Lightning Strike Wood in his hand and was bracing himself to remit his aura into it, wanting to deal Charlie wade a fatal blow!

  In terms of power alone, the power of the Thunder Strike Wood to summon heavenly thunder was much stronger than the wooden sword that Lord Ying had given him.

  In his opinion, the probability was that the blade released by the wooden sword could be sensed by the opponent, so that the attack would not be able to deal a sudden blow to him!

  But the Heavenly Lightning summoned by the Lightning Strike Wood was different, as it came down with a bang, giving the opponent no chance to react! As long as a thunderbolt strikes Charlie wade, he will lose half of his life if he doesn’t die!

  Charlie wade had already seen his little move, but at this moment he deliberately pretended not to see it and said with a sneer on his face, “To tell you the truth, although I am already twenty-eight years old, I have been cultivating aura for less than two years!”

  Uncle Jaro was startled and said offhandedly, “What?! Less than two years?!”

  Charlie wade laughed, “That’s right, I wonder how many years you’ve been cultivating?”

  Uncle Jaro gritted his teeth, “I have been cultivating for over a hundred years since I started! Kid, you must have a great secret hidden in your body, obediently hand it over and I will spare you from death! Otherwise ……”

  Charlie wade asked in return, “What if not? Can you still strike me with lightning?”

  Jaro Bo felt that the formation in the lightning striking wood had finished operating, so he laughed and shouted up to the sky, “Kid! You were right! Thunder~~Come!!!”

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