Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5676

  Relying on the high-definition satellite map, coupled with the precise satellite positioning of Jaro Bo and Grace Lowes, the map in front of Lord Ying clearly showed two eye-catching coordinate points, one red and one yellow.

  One of them, the yellow coordinate point, stopped motionless halfway up the mountainside on the west side of Wanliu Villa, while the red coordinate point, under Lord Ying’s watchful eye, approached step by step from the periphery of Wanliu Villa, all the way into the villa where the An family lived.

  These two coordinate points are the real-time positioning of Jaro Bo and Grace Lowes.

  The coordinate points blinked twice every second, and each blink represented an update of the latest coordinates.

  In other words, the real-time location of the two of them would be updated twice every second to the monitoring end where the Ying Master was located.

  Moreover, their positioning system, which used the most professional high precision maps available today, had a positioning accuracy at the centimetre level, with an actual error of no more than ten centimetres.

  When Lord Ying watched with his own eyes as Jaro Bo’s red marker entered the villa at the gate, he knew that Jaro Bo had already killed his way in.

  And at that time, Lord Ying also believed that it would not take more than a few minutes for the An family members to become the souls under the sword of Jaro Bo.

  But just as Lord Ying was waiting for the glad tidings of victory from Jaro Bo, the two coordinates that had been flashing suddenly all went out!

  This sudden change of events made Lord Ying’s heart suddenly stutter in surprise.

  The extinction of the coordinates signified that the transmission of information between the other side and himself had been interrupted.

  However, both of their mobile phones had been specially modified and their stability was comparable to military equipment.

  As long as the phone has power, it is able to transmit signals to the base through the communication network, as well as the satellite network, simultaneously.

  If indoors, without a satellite signal, it is able to ensure real-time transmission as long as the communication network is available;

  If you are in the wilderness, where there is no communication network, the same can be ensured if there is a satellite signal.

  It can be said that as long as you do not take your mobile phone into a mountain tunnel or underground bunker where there is not even a mobile phone signal, its transmission to the base will never be interrupted.

  But the situation at hand was that the signal terminated as soon as Jaro Bo entered the villa’s gate.

  That was just as well, because it was also possible that the other side had just entered the interior and lost the satellite signal at the same time that the mobile phone had temporarily lost its signal.

  However, Grace Lowes had been outdoors the whole time and hadn’t even moved!

  And her signal was terminated at the same time, which was obviously not right!

  The apprehensive Grace Lowes guessed that the signal could have been moved by that helicopter in the sky, but she was completely helpless against a helicopter thousands of metres in the air.

  She also wondered if she should rush out of here, run as far as possible out of the range of the helicopter’s interference, and report back to Lord Ying.

  But when she thought that Jaro Bo might have already fallen into someone else’s trap, if she left at this point, it would be impossible to explain in case the British Lord thought she was running away from the battle.

  It was for this reason that she had waited until now.

  At this moment, she saw that Jaro Bo was running after the man in black and was getting closer and closer to her, so she thought to herself, “I can’t contact Lord Ying and I don’t know the depth of the man in black’s strength, so I can’t help Jaro Bo.

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