Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5674

  This helicopter was obviously bigger than the one just now. It swooped all the way down and landed very quickly in the open space at the entrance to the villa, and before it had even stopped, a middle-aged man pulled open the cabin door from inside and waved desperately outside.

  This middle-aged man was none other than Don Albert.

  Back when Charlie wade had told Li Yalin the words about Lin Wan’er, he had already thought of a plan for tonight.

  He first asked Isaac Cameron to help him retrieve the public surveillance of Wanliu Villa, and sat in the helicopter himself, monitoring the movements of Wanliu Villa in real time.

  It would only take him two to three minutes to fly from Champs-Elysées Spa to Wanliu Villa. During these two to three minutes, the An family’s bodyguards and guards would be able to help delay part of the time, while the rest would be left to Li Yalin and the “true words of protection” he had given him.

  He believed that as long as Li Yalin said the words, he would be able to delay the other side for a while longer, and then he would be able to arrive!

  Charlie wade knew very well that even if he arrived, he would not be able to fight the other side to the death, because once he did so inside the villa, the An family and Li Yalin would definitely die.

  And Don Albert’s task was to take off three minutes after Charlie wade took off, without waiting for any news or notice, and directly take off to the villa in Wan Liu Villa to pick up the An family members.

  Now it seemed that every step in the development of things was going in the direction Charlie wade had envisaged!

  At this moment, the An family could not hear what Don Albert was saying under the loud roar of the propellers, but they read Don Albert’s gestures, telling them to hurry up and get into the helicopter.

  Just as the An family members were more or less hesitant, Li Yalin shouted in the crowd’s ears without thinking, “This must have been arranged by Mr. Wade, hurry up!”

  Immediately afterwards, he pulled An Chongqiu and Michael An along with him and assisted the two elderly members of the An family to board the helicopter.

  In less than a minute, everyone finished boarding and the helicopter immediately pulled up violently, disappearing quickly into the darkness of the night in a swoop-like position.

  At this moment, Uncle Jaro, hearing the loud roar behind him from far to near, and then from near to far, probably guessed what was happening behind him, but he could not care less at this moment.

  From the moment he decided to chase Charlie wade out, he no longer put the death of the An family in his mind.

  To him, it didn’t matter if the An family ran away, he only had eyes for the ring in Charlie wade’s hand, as long as he got it, he didn’t care about the An family and the Wade family, he was the second leader of the Qing Breaking Association!

  However, he never dreamed that Charlie wade would run so fast! Even though he had tried his best to catch up, he was still unable to shorten the distance between him and Charlie wade, and he even had a tendency to be left further and further behind by Charlie wade.

  The furious Uncle Jaro cursed behind Charlie wade, “Kid, if you keep running, I’m not going to be polite!”

  Hearing Uncle Jaro’s curses behind him, Charlie wade laughed, “Come on, I want to see what else you old dog can do besides barking!”

  Uncle Jaro said in a cold voice, “Kid, you will die today!”

  Grace Lowes sighed in her heart, “It seems that Uncle Jaro has fallen for the black-clothed man’s trick of transferring the tiger away from the mountain, perhaps this black-clothed man does not just want to save the An family, but also wants Uncle Jaro’s life!”

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