Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5673

At this moment in time.

  Grace Lowes, who was secretly observing the Man Liu Villa from halfway up the opposite hill, saw a black shadow darting out of the villa, followed by the head of the Four Earls, Uncle Jaro.

  What Grace Lowes did not expect was that the black shadow at the head of the group was speeding towards his own direction, while Uncle Jaro was chasing after him with a wooden sword in one hand and his daoist robe in the other!

  She could even hear Uncle Jaro’s roar: “Kid, hand over the ring if you have the sense to do so! And tell me where Lin Wan’er is hiding! If I’m in a good mood, I’ll spare your life! Otherwise, when I catch you, I’ll make sure your head falls to the ground!”

  Charlie wade scolded without looking back, “Don’t bark at me, you old dog, you’re too old to know whether you can still eat or not, how dare you speak out here! If you want the ring, catch up with your father first!”

  Grace Lowes was momentarily stunned, “The ring? Lin Wan’er? Did Uncle Jaro find Lin Wan’er’s ring? Or does it mean that Lin Wan’er’s ring is on that man in black’s body?!”

  Just as Grace Lowes was horrified, another large group of people chased out of the villa!

  After these people chased out the door, they saw that the man in black and Uncle Jaro had already run hundreds of meters at great speed, so they were at a loss as to what to do.

  Seeing these people, Grace Lowes was even more surprised: “The An family are still alive? Before that man in black arrived, Jaro Bo went in for at least a minute, so why didn’t he kill the An family members after such a long time? With his strength, killing these people from the An family wouldn’t take more than half a minute at most ……”

  And at this moment, the people of the An family who had chased them all the way out were all in a state of anxiety.

  They were not fools and naturally knew that Charlie wade had just deliberately said that seemingly heartless remark, but in fact, it was to lure that murderous old man away, thus saving their lives.

  The old lady was so anxious that she had just finished wiping her tears with her sleeve, but her eyes were instantly filled with tears again. She grabbed the old man An Qishan’s hand and cried, “Qishan, what if something happens to Charlie wade …… What face can I have to meet Chengqi and Bruce in the future! “

  The old man was also crying uncontrollably and said with grief and remorse, “I am to blame ……. If I could have put aside my face back then, Bruce wade might not have gotten into such a stalemate with the An family later; if I could have If I had been able to pull down my face and go to Chengqing, she and Bruce wade wouldn’t have ended up in Aurous Hill when they came out of the Wade family ……”

  The old man added: “Charlie wade has been avoiding us for so many years, naturally because he can’t forgive us …… but even so, Charlie wade still came forward twice to save us from the fire, I, as a grandfather, am really ashamed and regretful, regretful! “

  Li Yalin said with a very firm expression at this time, “Uncle An, Mr. Wade has the power of the heavens, I believe it will be fine! The immediate task at hand is to move you to a safe place first!”

  The old man asked with a shocked look on his face, “What did you say? Mr Wade? Yalin, you son of a b*tch has known Charlie wade for a long time, but you just never told me, did you?!”

  Li Yalin said in shame, “Uncle An, it’s a long story, I’ll explain it to you slowly later!”

  As he was saying that, the deafening whistling sound came again.

  The crowd looked up and saw another helicopter speeding up from the other side of the mountain!

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