Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5671

  Saying that, Charlie wade looked at his grandfather who was in tears and said in a cold voice, “The other group is my grandfather’s family!”

  Hearing these words, Old Master An’s expression instantly darkened beyond recognition, his face filled with shame and remorse.

  And at this moment, Uncle Jaro said disdainfully, “Kid, you don’t need to bluff me here, they are all your closest relatives, how could you hate them?!”

  Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “Relatives? Do you know where I have been for the past twenty years after you killed my parents?”

  Uncle Jaro frowned and asked, “Where?”

  The An family were all staring at Charlie wade with unblinking eyes at this moment, they also wanted to know where exactly he had been in these twenty years!

  At this moment, Charlie wade pointed to the ground and said in a loud voice, “For these twenty years, I was in Aurous Hill! I have been here, living for twenty whole years!”

  ”How is this possible?!” Uncle Jaro frowned, “After your parents died, not only were they looking for you, we were also looking for you, we searched all over Aurous Hill, and found no trace of you!”

  Charlie wade laughed, “It wasn’t found because my father had prepared an orphanage for me a long time ago, and after the accident, I lived in the orphanage and was completely cut off from the outside world.”

  The An family was also appalled to hear this.

  Although they had just speculated about the orphanage a few minutes ago, they still found it hard to believe that for so many years, Charlie wade had really not gone anywhere and had been living in Aurous Hill.

  Uncle Jaro froze for a moment and could not help but sigh, “Bruce wade, really is a dragon and a phoenix among men, this matter, even Lord Ying did not expect ……”

  Saying that, he sneered again, “But there’s no point in you telling me this, I just want the ring in your hand! Hand over the ring and I can give you a painful time!”

  Charlie wade ignored him and said with a light smile, “I have lived in Aurous Hill under a fence for twenty years, and as hard as my life has been, I have never gone to the Wade family, nor the An family, do you know why?”

  Uncle Jaro frowned and asked, “Why?”

  Charlie wade said blandly, “Naturally because I hate them! Even now, I can’t forgive them for betraying and abandoning my parents back then.”

  Uncle Jaro questioned, “If you hate them, why did you save them three times?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Saving them was just a coincidence. The time in New York, you should know that it was Stephanie’s concert that day, and the An family also went to that concert together, that’s why you guys caught the opportunity.”

  Jaro Bo narrowed his eyes at Charlie wade, although he was not involved in this incident, he was well aware of the process.

  It was the informant that the Broken Qing Society had planted in the An Family that suddenly reported the news that the An Family was going to act en masse, so Lord Ying immediately sent his dead soldiers to the concert venue to kill them, but it turned out that the dead soldiers sent had no news at all.

  Charlie wade continued, “Stephanie is from Eastcliff, her father, Lord Orrin, was my father’s sworn brother, so I was engaged to her when I was a child, technically she was the fiancée my parents arranged for me during their lifetime;”

  ”The reason I was there that day was because I was also there to support Stephanie that day, and happened to sit next door to the An family, rather than saying I stepped in to save them, I stepped in to catch the dead soldiers alive, if it wasn’t for those dead soldiers, how would I have been able to find out specific information about the Broken Clear Society?”

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