Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5670

Uncle Jaro originally thought that Charlie wade was giving himself the middle finger to provoke himself, but the moment he saw the ring, his pupils snapped shut!

  Although he had never seen this ring with his own eyes, he had heard it described in detail by Lord Ying!

  Lord Ying had said that the ring was bronze in colour, lustrous and delicate, without any floral decoration, and that it was about two cents wide, or almost 0.66cm, and the size of a normal adult male’s ring opening.

  All of these, and the ring on Charlie wade’s hand, matched perfectly.

  Coupled with the fact that Li Yalin had taken the initiative to mention Lin Wan’er and the ring she had, so Uncle Jaro concluded that this ring, was the treasure that Lord Ying had longed for!

  Lord Ying had said that this ring hid a great mystery, and that unlocking its mystery would not only allow one to improve one’s cultivation, but would also allow one to live forever.

  And how to unlock this secret, only Lord Ying may know, even Lin Wan’er herself, I am afraid, does not know.

  Lord Ying had said countless times that whoever could find this ring would be the first meritorious person of the Broken Qing Society, and Lord Ying would also teach him his life’s work without reservation, and could even share the mysteries in the ring with him.

  Therefore, to Uncle Jaro, whether it was destroying the whole An family, killing Bruce wade’s son, or even delivering Lin Wan’er to Lord Ying with his own hands, all three together were not as important as bringing this ring back to Lord Ying.

  Thinking of this, Uncle Jaro immediately said, “Kid! As long as you give me this ring, I can let you and your grandparents’ family go on their way painlessly, this is the greatest mercy I can give you!”

  Charlie wade sneered back, “Old dog, if you honestly tell me all the specifics of the Broken Qing Society, I might be able to leave you in one piece, and that would be the greatest mercy I could show you!”

  Uncle Jaro looked gloomy and sternly shouted, “Kid, you seek death!”

  After saying that, he sacrificed the wooden sword and manipulated it to strike a sword blade, shooting towards Charlie wade at great speed.

  Charlie wade knew that this man’s strength was not bad, and if he really fought him to the death, I was afraid that no one in this villa would be spared, and perhaps the after-effects of a certain spell could shatter them into pieces.

  So, he instantly retreated several steps back, and while dodging the invisible sword blade, he said to Jaro Bo, “If you want the ring, you can go out with me and find a deserted place to fight, if you lose, leave your head behind; if you win, my life and this ring are all yours!”

  Seeing that Charlie wade was very swift and his sword blade could hardly hurt him, Uncle Jaro withdrew his sword blade for the time being and snorted coldly, “Kid, you want to play with the tiger and leave the mountain? I’m telling you, if you don’t give me the ring obediently, I’ll kill your grandparents’ whole family first!”

  Charlie wade’s brows knitted slightly, not expecting that this Jaro Bo would not fall for it.

  He then looked around the week and said in a cold voice, “After my parents’ death, I hated you the most as the culprit, apart from the two groups of people who followed closely behind, do you know which two groups they were?”

  Uncle Jaro frowned and questioned, “Which two groups?”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “One of them is my grandfather’s family.”

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