Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5669

  In his heart, the An family was of course his own family, and blood was thicker than water, which was why he had saved the An family from the fire twice and thrice.

  However, in his heart, the An family members had the same unforgivable hatred as the wade family members.

  He hated the wade family because the wade family had forced his parents to leave Eastcliff and eventually die in Aurous Hill for their own benefit back then

  He hated the An family because from the beginning to the end, the An family had never looked up to his father, and when his parents were forced out by the wade family, the An family had never lent a helping hand.

  That he reconciled with the wade family because Lord wade reflected on his mistakes back then and thought about dying to defend his parents’ tomb and dignity when the Wan Breakers killed him on Wade Lingshan

  And in his heart, the knot in his heart towards the An family had not yet been opened.

  At this moment, Uncle Jaro pushed Li Yalin away, turned his body completely, looked at Charlie wade, gave a fierce laugh and said playfully, “So it’s Bruce wade’s son, no wonder he looks so much like him, twenty years ago, I let you run away, I didn’t expect that twenty years later, you would come back on your own!”

  Charlie wade’s eyes were suddenly bloodshot and his voice was cold as he questioned, “Did you kill my parents?!”

  ”That’s right!” Uncle Jaro said with an arrogant face, “Twenty years ago, I was ordered to come to Aurous Hill to snipe and kill Bruce wade’s family of three, but unfortunately, that old fox Bruce wade had predicted that there would be a disaster and had someone take you, the little bast**d, away in advance!”

  I thought that this move might not work, but I never thought that you would barge in if there was a way out of heaven! If that’s the case, on the road to the Yellow Springs, go with your grandparents’ family!”

  Charlie wade’s eyes almost burst out with a stern and murderous intent as he looked at Uncle Jaro and said in a cold voice, “For the past twenty years, I have been thinking of avenging my parents every moment! After you die, don’t rush to reincarnate, I will find that Ying master of yours, cut him into pieces, and send him to see you in the underworld!”

  Uncle Jaro frowned and said in a cold voice, “Kid! You know about Lord Ying? It seems that you know a lot about us!”

  Charlie wade sneered, “Isn’t it just the Broken Qing Society? Make it seem like it’s so impressive, might as well tell you that I had someone blow up your dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Oh yes, if I’m right, you should be one of the Four Great Counts, right? But now you should already be one of the Three Great Counts, and when tonight is over, the Three Great Counts will be renamed as the Two Great Counts!”

  Uncle Jaro’s expression was immediately austere, and he said in a stern voice, “Did Uncle Jordan Bo die by your hand?

  Charlie wade laughed, “I don’t know whether he died by your hand or not, but I was too busy to kill him in Cyprus, so I had a few guns planted and waited for him to throw himself into the net.”

  After that, Charlie wade laughed lightly and said, “It was a tragic death for this man, he was a count, but he was blown to pieces by the cannon.

  The face of Jaro Bo was incomparably gloomy, and he said in a cold voice: “Good boy, so it is you who has been working against us! If that’s the case, then the person who saved the An family in New York in the first place was also you, right?!”

  Charlie wade looked at him and then at the An family members who were crying their eyes red, and said indifferently, “That’s right, it was me.”

  Remembering what Li Yalin had just said, Uncle Jaro asked Charlie wade, “Then in that case, it was also you who saved Lin Wan’er in Northern Europe?!”

  ”Yes.” Charlie wade smiled and said, “Your British Lord must be very angry for not catching Lin Wan’er, right?”

  Uncle Jaro gritted his teeth and questioned, “Kid, where is Lin Wan’er’s ring?!”

  Charlie wade smiled, took off the glove on his right hand, and slowly raised his middle finger towards Jaro Bo, and the ring that Lin Wan’er had given him was clearly on top of this middle finger!

  At this moment, Charlie wade looked at Jaro Bo and asked him curiously, “Old dog, is this what you’re talking about?”

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