Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5668

No one had thought that with all the An family bodyguards killed and corpses strewn all over the place, someone would still dare to walk in through that gate!

  The arrogant Uncle Jaro was furious when he heard the sneering voice, and he immediately turned around to see which desperate bastard had dared to call himself an old dog!

  And both Li Yalin and the An family recognised this familiar voice in an instant.

  Li Yalin knew that it was Charlie wade who had come!

  And the An family also knew that this was the arrival of their benefactor!

  Although they all heard Charlie wade’s voice, they were in very different moods.

  Li Yalin had long known that Charlie wade would definitely come, and was even thinking in his heart, “Charlie wade, Charlie wade, you’ve finally shown up! If you had come a few seconds later, this life of mine, Old Li, would have been left here ……”

  The An family had only four words in their hearts at this time: survival from the dead!

  They knew that their benefactor was very powerful, and if he came, they would be saved!

  Apart from the word “survival”, the An family soon had another thought in their minds, and that was: “I wonder if I will be lucky enough to see the true face of my benefactor this time!

  So, the An family and Uncle Jaro both looked towards the gate in unison, wanting to see what the visitor looked like.

  At this moment, they could only hear Charlie wade’s footsteps crossing the entrance gate, and those footsteps, not too fast, not too slow, not too tight, every step, seemed extraordinarily calm and steady.

  The An family was waiting with bated breath at this moment, while Uncle Jaro’s heart, too, suddenly tightened up.

  For, although he hadn’t yet seen the visitor, somehow his heart was suddenly filled with an indescribable sense of tension!

  As the sound of footsteps crept in, Charlie wade, who was dressed in black, walked in from the end of the entrance hall.

  Today, Charlie wade did not turn off the lights, nor did he cover his face!

  When he appeared in front of the An family and Uncle Jaro with his true face, the latter all drew in a breath of cold air, and all of them were wide-eyed and filled with horror!

  Uncle Jaro could not believe his eyes as he blurted out in shock, “Bruce wade? You’re still alive?!”

  The old lady of the An family could not help but shout out, “Bruce? Is it really Bruce?”

  The old man, An Qishan, was bewildered, his entire brain seemed to have short-circuited as he subconsciously said, “Our benefactor, is actually Bruce? This …… how is this possible …… he has clearly ……”

  It was no wonder that the An family did not recognize Charlie wade.

  On the one hand, Charlie wade did look very much like his father, and to the An family, the Bruce wade they knew was the Bruce wade in his late twenties to early thirties, so the memories Bruce wade had left with them before he passed away were almost identical to the current Charlie wade, whether it was his figure, his looks, or his seeming age.

  On the other hand, Charlie wade had disappeared when he was eight years old, and his appearance at that time only bore a passing resemblance to that of the present; they had no idea what Charlie wade would have looked like if he had lived until now.

  Therefore, it was their instinctive reaction that the crowd took him for Bruce wade in a trance.

  At this moment, Charlie wade stood in front of the crowd with his head held high and said loudly, word by word, “I am not Bruce wade! I am his son! Charlie wade!”


  Both the An family and Uncle Jaro were dumbfounded at this moment!

  Charlie wade’s words were like the shocking thunder that shook all of Aurous Hill two days ago exploding directly in their minds!

  The old lady instantly burst into tears and looked at Charlie wade, crying out, “Charlie? Are you Charlie? Are you really Charlie?!”

  The old man also could not help but burst into tears as he looked at Charlie wade, whose vision had been completely blurred and distorted, and choked up as he asked, “Is Charlie …… really you?”

  His three uncles, as well as his sister-in-law, were also in tears at this point, they never dreamed that Charlie wade, who had been searching for twenty years, would appear in front of them of his own accord.

  And what’s more, they didn’t expect that Charlie wade, who had been looking for twenty years, would be the benefactor who had saved the An family’s life some time ago!

  As he watched the An family members’ tears roll down one by one, Charlie wade’s emotions were extremely complicated at this moment.

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