Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5665

At this moment, the courtyard surrounding the villa had become a purgatory field!

  Uncle Jaro was holding a wooden sword less than thirty centimetres long, but the invisible blade was nearly two metres long!

  This was the magic weapon that Lord Ying had temporarily given to Jaro to use as a body!

  Although the wooden sword looks short and small, it is actually like a lightsabre in star wars, with an extraordinary killing distance.

  Whereas a lightsaber is set up logically in a movie, with the hilt releasing plasma to create a blade, Nagasenberg’s wooden sword is actually better! It can manifest its blade with aura and that blade can even be controlled by him at his whim!

  Several of the bodyguards tried to attack Jaro Bo, but he only held his sword in one hand and shook it in the air, and a sword Qi was heard but not seen, then shot out in the air!

  With a flick of his wrist, the sword energy pierced his chest and cut open his wound, causing blood and internal organs to gush out uncontrollably, and the bodyguard died instantly!

  The other bodyguards were scared out of their wits!

  They had never seen such a bizarre attack before. The short, inconspicuous wooden sword of Uncle Jaro was clearly at a certain distance from their companion, yet his chest was instantly pierced and a hole was even torn open by an invisible force!

  The bloody scene immediately terrified them, and their instinct to survive made them stop and retreat.

  But how could they come and go as they pleased in front of Uncle Sheng!

  Although the speed of Jaro Bo was not as fast as the radar locking speed of the close defence guns and the speed of the shells discharged, these ordinary martial artists had no chance of winning against him!

  If the gun was a hunting rifle, Jaro Bo would be a cheetah, and these poor martial artists would be nothing more than rabbits that can’t even bite through the skin of a leopard!

  As they stopped and turned their heads to run backwards, Jaro Bo took a step forward with his right foot, and his body flew forward like an arrow from a string!

  Immediately afterwards, a miserable scream came out!

  The slowest bodyguard looked at the wound on his chest, which was already bleeding, and screamed out in agony.

  The strange thing was that although he was badly injured, he was running even faster than before!

  The next thing he knew, he was running uncontrollably and at breakneck speed into another of his companions, while at the same time, blood was gushing from his chest!

  The man was scared out of his wits and cried out, “What the …… hell is this ……”

  The two men lost their forward momentum, and the next thing they knew, there was a scattering of sounds!

  Afterwards, Jaro Bo quickly stepped forward and decapitated those An family bodyguards who were already scared out of their wits one by one.

  Although some of the bodyguards took out their pistols and shot at him, he was moving very fast, and the bodyguards’ marksmanship and reaction speed were not as accurate and quick as that of the radar-mounted close-in guns, so they could not hurt him in the slightest.

  Unlike Jaro, he was so fast that the An family’s bodyguards and guards could barely escape in front of him!

  These bodyguards were normally senior martial artists, but in front of Jaro Bo, they were only slaughtered, and were soon slaughtered!

  Not far away, halfway up the mountain, Grace Lowes watched as Jaro Bo went on a killing spree at Wan Liu Villa, and could not help but frown.

  She had always thought that the old man was only focused on cultivation, but only today did she realize that this old man had such a strong desire to kill!

  Just when she was feeling in her heart that Uncle Jaro was being too cruel, in the sky, a low-flying helicopter came flying towards the Wanliu Villa!

  And at this moment, the An family’s hearts were already in their throats as they listened to the screams outside.

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