Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5663

  Hearing this, the An family nodded their heads in agreement.

  Li Yalin concluded, “So, this feeling seems to me to be more like someone powerful behind the scenes is secretly promoting it, if I’m right, this team must have been arranged here as a whole by that powerful person, and then last year, withdrew this team from here as a whole, and they are moving in and out together, most likely to carry out some major mission. “

  The old lady asked with some excitement, “Arin, do you mean to say that this orphanage, most likely, has something to do with Tatsuo?!”

  Li Yalin nodded, “Yes auntie, I do have this suspicion.”

  An Chongqiu smacked his lips, “It would be good if we could find out when these people came to Aurous Hill, all we can be sure of now is that they left together when they left, but there is no proof yet that they came together when they came.”

  ”That’s easy!” An Youyou said excitedly, “Check the social security files of the previous team! The orphanage is a social welfare organisation, with government funding and private donations, so for an organisation like this to be subject to public scrutiny, the personnel information must be very complete, especially as they may really be on a major mission, as Brother Yalin said. !”

  Li Yalin praised, “Yoyo’s thinking is very clear, find a way to check the previous personnel files of the Aurous Hill orphanage, I guess we will be able to see the clues!”

  Michael An said excitedly, “I’ll have someone find a way to check it out!”

  After saying that, he immediately took out his mobile phone and made a phone call.

  The old man had been retired for many years, and the contacts he had back then had died, retired, aged and fallen, so there were not many contacts left that he could really pick up and use.

  And since Michael An, as the head of all the An family’s external business, had actually taken over the An family’s business for a long time, he was actually the one with the widest connections and strongest influence in the An family at the moment.

  In other words, while the old man is the An family’s highly revered emperor, Michael An is now the An family’s emperor, holding the world in his hands.

  After a phone call was made, Michael An said to the crowd, “We have already asked someone to look into it, and the results will be out soon.”

<  A crowd of people became incomparably excited.

  Ten minutes later.

  Michael An received a phone call, he immediately pressed the answer button, turned on the speaker and asked, “Lincoln Bicolt, what’s the status of the matter I asked you to investigate?”

  The middle-aged man called Lincoln Bicolt said respectfully, “Mr. An, I have just checked the personnel file of the Aurous Hill City Welfare Institute, and the previous batch of staff did leave together last year.

  As soon as the people heard this, they could not help but feel a bit lost, and Michael An asked him afterwards, “Tell me roughly about the entry of these people.”

  That Joe said, “Mr. An, the organisation of this orphanage is extremely stable, including the director, teachers, aunties, cooks and cleaners, there are sixteen people in total, and among these sixteen people, the one who has been in service for the shortest time has been in service for almost twenty years. decrease.”

  ”Twenty years?!” The expressions of all the An family members suddenly flinched!

  This point in time was too sensitive for them.

  It was because, the Heaven’s Daughter, An Chengqing, and her husband, Bruce wade, had passed away twenty years ago in Aurous Hill.

  And their only son, Charlie wade, also disappeared twenty years ago ……

  Everyone felt that after twenty years of groping around the world with their eyes closed, they seemed to be catching something this time.

  An Chongqiu, the eldest son, asked impatiently out of the blue, “Tell us in detail when these sixteen people joined!”

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