Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5659

Charlie wade’s words caused Don Albert’s expression to be appalled beyond belief.

  He asked in some panic, “Master Wade, what do you mean by that? Could it be that there is some kind of danger today?”

  Charlie wade was silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer for a while.

  A danger?

  He felt to himself that he should actually have no danger.

  That Count of the Broken Clear Society, with the three crude magic weapons he had made, still regarded them as treasures, thus showing that this person did not have deep attainments in aura.

  What’s more, I have two attacking magic weapons and many pills, so I can rely on both attack and defence, not to mention the fact that I am in the dark and the other party is in the light.

  Therefore, Charlie wade felt that he had a better chance of winning than his opponent in any aspect.

  If he really had to fight, Charlie wade was very sure that he would be able to rub his opponent on the ground.

  However, what made Charlie wade more or less worried was what Lin Wan’er had told him.

  According to Lin Wan’er’s words, she had indeed calculated that he would be in danger. Although this did not sound very credible, Charlie wade’s intuition told him that this girl would not lie to him.

  It was precisely because of this that Charlie wade was a little more cautious, he wanted to leave a good way back for those around him in case he was really in danger.

  At this moment, facing Don Albert’s question, Charlie wade smiled faintly and said seriously, “I’m not sure if I’m really in danger myself yet, but it’s always good to be careful.”

  Don Albert said nervously and with concern, “Grandmaster Wade, think back to the time when you killed the eight Heavenly Kings of the Webb Clan alone at the bottom of Changbai Mountain, those eight were as strong as they were, but they were also no match for you at all, who else could threaten your personal safety in Aurous Hill?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Don Albert, you don’t need to be so nervous, like you said, I am also considered a person who has fought all over the world, ordinary people who want to hurt me, I am afraid it is as hard as heaven.”

  At this point, Charlie wade turned his words around, “It’s just that one can’t be too arrogant all the time, one has to be more humble and cautious in order to have a better chance of success.”

  Don Albert saw Charlie wade talking lightly, but in his heart, he felt that something was not right, so he said to Charlie wade, “Master Wade, there are hundreds of martial artists in Champs-Elysees now, if there is really an enemy looking for you, one mouthful of spittle from all these people can drown him! If you have any orders, just ask, I’ll go and make arrangements!”

  ”No need.” Charlie wade waved his hand and said indifferently, “More people may not necessarily be a good thing, so you guys should not get involved.”

  Don Albert blurted out, “Why, Master Wade, this tactic of the sea of people has always been one of our skills, we have this advantage, why not let it be used to its maximum value?”

  Charlie wade smiled and shook his head, “At times like this, human tactics are useless.”

  Charlie wade knew very well in his heart that a martial artist, when facing a cultivator proficient in aura, had no chance or possibility.

  There was a world of difference between the strength of these two, in itself, so what if there were hundreds of martial artists? Still, they could not even get close to each other, because the other party was even faster than their ability to react, whether it was the speed of movement or the speed of attack.

  In this situation, the more martial artists there are, the less effective they are, and they may even make the scene more chaotic and create more convenience for the other side.

  If they really wanted to kill the monks, they would either have to be stronger monks, or they would have to use modern anti-personnel weapons.

  For example, the crossfire network of close defence guns, which are extremely powerful, have a very fast rate of fire and the speed of their shells exceeds the speed of sound, is a weapon that can kill a dozen or twenty monks in one breath.

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