Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5654

Ermao’s series of performance was nothing more than following Charlie wade’s arrangement.

  In other words, he was eating, drinking and having fun at public expense with the approval of his superiors.

  The reason why Charlie wade let him sing every night was that he was worried that Uncle Jaro would keep an eye on Ermao in secret.

  Before Jaro Bo makes his next move, Charlie wade cannot let Ermao be found out in any way. As long as Ermao does not reveal himself, there will be no change in this last hour of the day after tomorrow night for Jaro Bo, and once he reveals himself, it is likely that Jaro Bo’s move will be brought forward.

  At this moment, Jaro Bo, who has been secretly watching Ermao, even heard Ermao’s conversation with the female publicist clearly.

  The more this happened, the more he became convinced of Ermao’s persona and what Ermao had said to himself.

  In his view, Ermao made money during the day and came to nightclubs at night to spend it, eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, and staying in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, all of which are typical habits of criminals who make huge amounts of money by breaking the law.

  The money comes easily and from the wrong source, which often gives rise to a mentality that one might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

  He planned to stay at the hotel for the next two days to meditate and cultivate, and also to study the three newly acquired magic weapons to see if he could make any gains.

  Charlie wade already had a good grasp of Jaro Bo’s movements, so he had someone keep a 24-hour watch on the hotel where Jaro Bo lived through the municipal surveillance, and once he found him leaving the hotel, he would immediately report to himself.

  As for Grace Lowes, she had just the right amount of time to avoid the sight of Jaro Bo and Charlie wade, and quietly lurked in Aurous Hill alone, secretly keeping a close eye on Jaro Bo’s every move.

  That night, Grace Lowes reported everything that had happened today to Lord Ying truthfully.

  When Lord Ying learnt that Uncle Jaro had obtained another magic weapon, his whole head was already full of questions.

  In this era of the end of Dharma, magic weapons had long been very rare, and even the limited pieces of magic weapons in Lord Ying’s hands were all left behind by his master back then.

  As for Lord Ying himself, he did not have the opportunity to master how a magic weapon should be refined.

  Therefore, there was almost no way for Lord Ying to understand why Uncle Jaro had been able to find three magic weapons when he first arrived at Aurous Hill.

  Just when Lord Ying was confused, after thinking about it, Uncle Jaro decided that it was better to report to Lord Ying about the third magic weapon he had obtained today.

  What he hoped was that Lord Ying would stop his plan to snipe the An family for the time being for the sake of these two magic weapons, so that he could have a little more time to dig deeper on Ermao and his handler.

  However, after he had reported the situation to Lord Ying, Lord Ying only said indifferently, “Although the magic artifacts are precious, they are definitely not as important as killing the An Family, I don’t care how many magic artifacts you can obtain, you must strike at the An Family before midnight tomorrow night!”

  To Lord Ying, the priority of killing the An Family came before finding the magic artifacts.

  What’s more, Lord Ying had another secret move in Aurous Hill, that of Grace Lowes, who had quietly arrived in Aurous Hill.

  After all, Grace Lowes had already seen Ermao from afar today and knew that he was active in the Antique Street.

  After all, to Lord Ying, Grace Lowes is much more reliable than Uncle Jaro.

  At this moment, the only thing he could do was to hope that Ermao would bring him good news tomorrow.


  The next day.

  Ermao slept until sunrise again.

  The first thing you need to do is to have a good time.

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