Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5651

  Uncle Jaro immediately interrupted him with his hand and said seriously, “I definitely want the item, but I think the price set by the owner is not generous, and I am not bad at all, I am just a bit unhappy in my heart.”

  Ermao nodded, looking like I understood you, and said seriously: “To be honest, old man, I understand your feelings, but I’ll say it from the bottom of my heart, this antique thing, itself is a rare thing is valuable, this pair of jade trigger finger, only two in total, if you buy them all, in the future to keep in hand will certainly be a rare object, maybe in a few years to sell, the price can double again. “

  Uncle Jaro sighed in his heart: “I bought a magic weapon and still have to sell it? It’s impossible to sell it even if I give a hundred million dollars!”

  Thinking of this, he didn’t want to continue to argue with Ermao about the price, after all, he was still counting on Ermao to help him make the connection and buy more magic weapons back next!

  So, he skillfully transferred the money to Ermao, and only after the money was paid did he ask him with a curious look on his face, “By the way, Ermao, can you ask your superior for me when there will be another batch of good goods to be released? If it’s convenient, why don’t you let me have all the goods in one go, as long as they’re good, I’ll take them all!”

  For Uncle Jaro, he only had three days, and now it was afternoon, which was another day and a half, with only two and a half days left.

  Two and a half days later, late at night, he would have to take on the An family, and by then, Aurous Hill would be in a state of bloodshed and panic, and by then, he would probably have no chance to buy.

  Ermao looked at Uncle Jaro and said with the words Charlie wade had explained, “Old master, the next shipment will probably have to wait for about seven to ten days.”

  ”What? Seven to ten days?!” Uncle Jaro was instantly anxious and questioned offhandedly, “Why do you have to wait so long?!”

  Ermao helplessly explained, “You see, this thing of ours, it itself comes from a wrong source, these three pieces sold to you, a total of more than two million dollars, this money after we settle the foreign exchange, we still have to find a group of personal bank cards to spread out, and then let people withdraw cash out little by little, this process also needs time.”

  Uncle Jaro frowned and asked, “What do you mean? Why is it so troublesome?”

  Ermao said somewhat helplessly, “Grand Master, do you understand or not! We can’t just click and collect the money, we have to leave some time to cleanse this money first! Otherwise this money left in our own account will itself easily attract attention, and in case something happens one day and this money is left in the account, then won’t it be seized by the police straight away?”

  Uncle Jaro understood the modus operandi of these people, the income from illegal excavation and selling of antiques was itself black money, and there were indeed risks in not washing it.

  But although he understood, he was still impatient and said, “Ermao, I can’t wait seven to ten days!”

  Ermao spread his hands, “I can’t help it if you can’t wait. To be honest, I really wanted to sell you more stuff from that tomb last time, but I’m just a small party girl in there, so I can’t do anything about it.”

  Uncle Jaro was upset and pleaded, “Ermao, do me a favour, I can trade anytime in the next two or three days, don’t worry about the money, I have plenty! As long as you can convince your handler to offer me the item as soon as possible, I’ll give you an extra 10 per cent of your personal benefit fee when one is sold, but if it’s too late, I might really have to go.”

  Ermao said with some difficulty, “This …… two or three days is a bit too rushed ah, at least five to seven days.”

  Jaro Bo’s heart became even more impatient and said offhandedly, “I have a lot of things to do, I really don’t have so much time to stay in Aurous Hill ……”

  After saying that, he gritted his teeth and spoke, “Ermao, I will wait for you until the day after tomorrow before dark at the latest, if you can get the goods during this period, look for me at the Holiday Hotel at the west gate of Antique Street!”

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