Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5647

  For example, when Lord Ying asked her to look for Lin Wan’er in the Far East this time, she was really looking for her, but she just didn’t care that much about it, so she was just fooling around.

  But to her surprise, with one phone call from Lord Ying, she had to set off for Aurous Hill herself.

  Moreover, this time, the trip to Aurous Hill was to monitor Jaro, which doomed her to spend the rest of the day without being able to touch the fish.

  Although she was reluctant, she did not dare to delay and left in the middle of the night in a hurry.

  She paid a high price for a car from the hotel owner and headed from her small town to the Russian Far East city of Yakutsk.

  Meanwhile, Ermao, with another jade finger from Xiao Teng and a bank card that had received over a million dollars, was in the biggest nightclub in Aurous Hill with a pair of dark circles under his eyes, hugging, drinking and having a good time!

  In front of Ermao, there was an array of expensive foreign wine, with a bottle of champagne going for at least 10,000 to 20,000, with the best even exceeding 100,000.

  On top of that, several beautiful young girls were gathered around Ermao at the moment, paying him compliments, and all of these girls were paying up to five figures for their appearance tonight.

  The reason why Ermao was splashing out money here was purely because it was all at Charlie wade’s request.

  Charlie wade had specifically instructed him in the evening that he didn’t need to do anything tonight, he just needed to drink and play openly, and had even asked Buckingham Palace to reserve the presidential suite for him.

  According to Charlie wade’s plan, he knew that the Earl of the Qing Breaking Society would definitely go to the Antique Street to look for Ermao in the morning, so he told Ermao to drink freely tonight and splurge on his money, and then sleep until sunrise tomorrow, and then go to the Antique Street stall with the smell of alcohol.

  This would not only make Ermao’s persona seem more realistic, but also allow this Count to be forced to adapt to Ermao’s rhythm.

  What Charlie wade wanted was to mess with the other party’s mind as much as possible by using antique literary objects as well as magic weapons as bait, so that whether he came to Aurous Hill to kill his grandparents’ family or not, he would first learn to wait and be patient.


  Early the next morning.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into;

  He left the hotel at dawn and went to the antique street to wait for Ermao’s appearance;

  And Grace Lowes, the Calivet uncle, had just arrived in the Russian Far East city of Yakutsk after a few hours’ drive.

  Upon arriving in Yakutsk, she took the earliest flight in the morning and flew to Ha, a city in northeast China.

  When the dilapidated Sukhoi Super 100 landed at Khartoum airport, Grace Lowes went through customs and transfer formalities to fly from Khartoum to Aurous Hill.

  Just as she flew to Aurous Hill, Jarobo was already on the verge of a stampede as he skulked around the antique street.

  In order to find Ermao earlier, Uncle Jaro came earlier than all the vendors today.

  However, he had been wandering around for three or four hours and his legs were all slim, but he had not waited for Ermao to show up.

  Restless, he paced back and forth on the antique street, walking from east to west, then west to east, and so on and so forth, but never waiting for Ermao, the man who haunted him.

  Little did he know that his real-time movements on Antique Street, where he kept turning back and forth, had long been captured by the surrounding municipal surveillance and then watched by Charlie wade, who was in Buckingham Palace.

  At 12.30 pm, the plane Grace Lowes was on landed at Aurous Hill Airport under the scorching sun.

  All along the way, she had been constantly practising the mantra mind techniques that Lord Ying had taught her in order to hide the aura in her body as much as possible.

  After getting off the plane, she didn’t have any delays, and after leaving the airport, she took a taxi directly to Aurous Hill Antique Street.

  Although Jeff Benard was still here, holding up a sign and hoping to meet another big ingrate like Uncle Jaro, without the jade trigger finger, he did not attract any attention from Grace Lowes.

  While Grace Lowes was taking the car to the antique street, Charlie wade, who was sitting in Isaac Cameron’s office, ordered Isaac Cameron’s men around him, “Go get Ermao up and tell him that Master Wade has called him to start work!”

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