Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5646

Hearing these words from Lord Ying, Grace Lowes was in an extraordinarily frustrated mood.

  As expected, as she had guessed, the British Lord had information on the location of several earls at all times.

  And this was not the most frightening thing, the most frightening thing was that the British Lord was actually able to analyse everyone’s every move, based on the time and place, and then combined with the information that could be searched on the local internet, in a more detailed and nuanced manner.

  This also meant that I was afraid that it would be impossible to get rid of the British Lord’s control in my own lifetime.

  Don’t look at the fact that when they were out on a mission, they could go for a long time without returning to resume their duties, but they still had the poison configured by Lord Ying in their bodies.

  It was only that those of them who had mastered the aura had a long enough life span, so the time point the British Lord had left for them was relatively broader than others, while others took the antidote every fortnight, three months or six months, they, on the other hand, took it every three years.

  But what can three years do? If everyone was a kite flown by the Lord of England, they were just a few counts with a longer kite string, but still unable to escape the Lord’s control.

  In her frustration, she also mentally analysed these key points that Lord Ying had mentioned.

  It was indeed bizarre that Uncle Jaro had gone to the mountains from the antique street, and it was even more unbelievable that a sudden explosion of thunder, never seen before, had occurred in the place where Uncle Jaro had been.

  When these points are analysed together, one can guess the general chain of events.

  It was likely that Uncle Jaro had obtained an offensive magic weapon, and even this offensive magic weapon was able to summon heavenly thunder!

  And it so happened that Uncle Jaro had not told Lord Ying about the offensive magic weapon he had obtained.

  No wonder Lord Ying said that Jaro had second thoughts. Jaro thought that he could gain Lord Ying’s trust by taking out the passive magic weapon, but he did not expect that Lord Ying could guess that he was lying even from ten thousand miles away through various clues.

  Thinking of this, Grace Lowes asked Lord Ying, “Lord Ying, my subordinate is not as strong as Uncle Jaro, in case Uncle Jaro finds out, how should I explain to him?”

  I will teach you a technique to hide your aura and cultivation later on. I will share his location to your mobile phone in real time, he will be bright and you will be dark, you will definitely not be discovered by him.”

  Grace Lowes immediately said, “My subordinate understands!”

  Lord Ying added, “Grace, you have two tasks this time, one is to secretly spy on Uncle Jaro and find out how many magic weapons he has obtained; the other is to be ready to help Uncle Jaro at a critical moment.”

  Grace Lowes asked in surprise, “Lord Ying, is there any major threat to Aurous Hill that you think that Uncle Jaro is unable to deal with?”

  Lord Ying sighed, “We don’t know yet, it’s just that so many things have happened recently, and many of them have not been sorted out, leaving me with a constant feeling of apprehension, you know what happened to Jian Gong Bo, he was beaten to a pulp by the close defence guns, who knows what kind of danger Aurous Hill will be in.”

  I’m telling you this just in case. If there’s no danger to him, it’s best, but if there is, you can help him at the critical moment in Aurous Hill. The four Earls of the Qing Breaking Society have already lost one of them, the others cannot afford to fail again!”

  Grace Lowes immediately blurted out, “Don’t worry, I understand!”

  Lord Ying hmmed and added, “In addition, if Uncle Jaro encounters greater pressure from the Chinese side after exterminating the entire An family, I will have him withdraw from Aurous Hill in time, at that time, you will stay in Aurous Hill and wait for Bruce wade and An Cheng Qing’s son to show himself.”

  After she hung up the phone, Grace Lowes had a million reluctances in her heart.

  Although she was one of the Four Earls, she had never liked fighting and killing, and even less did she want to be ordered by the British Lord to do wrong.

  What she wanted most was to stay in the Qing Breaking Society and concentrate on her training.

  Even if she occasionally had to go out to carry out a mission from Lord Ying, she would prefer to find a suitable opportunity to grind out her work.

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