Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5642

Soon, the Rolls-Royce driven by Sister Hien pulled up in the courtyard of the Purple Mountain Villa.

  Without waiting for Sister Xian to open the door, Lin Wan’er pushed herself out of the car, and while walking towards her small top floor courtyard, she said without looking back, “Sister Xian, from today onwards, I won’t leave my house, so you can leave the three meals a day directly outside my courtyard door, after knocking on it.”

  Sister Xian was surprised, she understood that Lin Wan’er did not want military training, but she did not understand why Lin Wan’er did not leave her house.

  However, as a servant, she naturally could not ask more questions than she should, so she said without thinking, “Yes Miss Lin, I understand! Regarding your meal, do you have any special requests?”

  ”Feel free.” Lin Wan’er said casually, “Just watch the arrangements.”

  After saying that, she ran quickly to the top floor and pushed the door into her small courtyard.

  The elderly Qiu Ying Shan saw Lin Wan Er go up the top step from afar and hurriedly came out to call out to Sister Xian, asking, “Shu Xian, wasn’t Miss her recently in military training at school? Why has she suddenly returned?”

  Sister Xian shook her head and said with a bewildered expression, “Sir, Miss Lin just called me to go to the entrance of Aurous Hill University, after getting on the car, she said that she was not going to participate in military training, and that she was coming back to live these days, and also said that from today onwards, she would not leave her house, and even asked me to leave the three meals a day outside the courtyard gate …… “

  ”Oh ……” Qiu Ying Shan nodded gently and admonished, “Order it down, no one is allowed to disturb Miss except for you to bring her meals.”

  ”Okay sir.” Sister Xian knew that her own husband had extreme respect for Lin Wan’er, so she was not surprised at this point.

  She then took out her mobile phone and said respectfully, “Sir, I’ll go and call the head of Aurous Hill University to let them know.”

  Qiu Ying Shan nodded and said, “Go ahead.”


  At this moment.

  After testing the strength of the Thunderstorm Order, Chang Sheng Bo had just returned to the city with great joy.

  The first thing he did when he returned to the city was to go straight to the antique street to look for Ermao.

  However, Ermao had already closed his stall early at his behest.

  When Uncle Jaro didn’t see Ermao, he caught up with a few vendors who hadn’t finished closing their stalls, and he hurriedly asked, “Gentlemen, it’s only after 3pm, why are you in a hurry to close your stalls?”

  The man was busy packing up his things and said without raising his head, “Haven’t you seen the weather forecast, it says there may be extreme weather, so why don’t you hurry up and close your stalls for the rainstorm? We’re already late in closing.”

  Only then did it dawn on Uncle Jaro.

  He thought to himself, “There’s no such thing as extreme weather, it’s just that heavenly thunder I cast in Phoenix Mountain.”

  But this was also indirect proof that the heavenly thunder he had just cast was indeed earth-shattering.

  Uncle Jaro wanted to find someone to inquire about Ermao’s whereabouts, but on second thought, he had already paid an extremely high price to buy two antiques from Ermao, so if he looked for him too closely, he was afraid that he would make Ermao wary.

  After thinking about it, he planned to find a place to stay near the Antique Street today, and then come back to the Antique Street early tomorrow morning to look for Ermao.

  During the night, Uncle Jaro sat on his bed, but he could not settle down, because he was still immersed in excitement and could not extricate himself.

  He could not help but take out the Thunderbolt Order again, and while stroking it, he sighed: “It is indeed a blessing from heaven to have such a magic weapon.

  As he was sighing, he suddenly received an internet call from Lord Ying on his mobile phone.

  His expression was startled, then he hurriedly put the call through and said respectfully, “Lord Ying ……”

  On the other end of the line, an icy voice questioned sternly, “Uncle Jaro, when did you arrive in Aurous Hill?”

  Uncle Jaro said, “Back to Lord Ying, I arrived in Aurous Hill this morning.”

  Lord Ying added, “It should be late at night where you are now, you have been in Aurous Hill for more than fifteen hours, why have you not yet made your move against the An family?”

  With a thump in his heart, Uncle Jaro spoke, “Lord Ying, my subordinate has just arrived in Aurous Hill today and has not yet had the chance to familiarise himself with the environment of Aurous Hill ……”

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