Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5638

Just as Jaro was heading to Phoenix Mountain, Charlie wade had already received a text message from Ermao.

  In the message, Ermao only wrote one sentence: there is a new shop opening next month.

  When Charlie wade saw it, he immediately replied back with a good word.

  This was the code word he had agreed with Ermao, the opening of a new shop, which in the black language of the inverted tomb raiding circle, meant that there were new tombs to be raided.

  According to the duo’s agreement, they would send this code word to Charlie wade once the Thunderstorm Order had been sold.

  The reason for setting such a code word was also prudent, so that if anyone with an eye on the matter really saw it, they would think it was a new operation being planned between the two tomb robbers and would not associate it with anything else.

  When Charlie wade received the message, he knew that the Thunderstorm Order had been sold, so he immediately called and instructed Isaac Cameron.

  Ten minutes later, Isaac Cameron sent Charlie wade several videos.

  These videos were the surveillance footage from the airport arrival hall and the vicinity of Ermao’s stall on Antique Street.

  In these surveillance videos, Charlie wade saw the appearance of Uncle Jaro for the first time.

  The image of a tall, lean and stiff old man in his sixties looked fairy-like and very smooth.

  Such a person, if placed in a pile of people, it was really hard to associate him with the word dangerous.

  Charlie wade took note of the appearance of Jaro and thought in his heart, “I guess this man must be one of the four earls of the Broken Clear Society, he has bought my Thunderstorm Order, I am afraid he will soon find a place to try it out?”

  At that moment, on Phoenix Mountain, southwest of Aurous Hill, there was suddenly a loud, earth-shattering sound!

  In the sky, an explosive thunderstorm struck straight into a valley on Phoenix Mountain!

  The sound of the thunder was so loud that it shook the entire population of Aurous Hill City! The echoes reverberated several times over Aurous Hill before fading away.

  At that moment, a dark and dreary cloud loomed in the sky over the mountains to the southwest of Aurous Hill, as if a rainstorm was coming.

  The meteorological department even issued an emergency thunder and lightning warning and a rainstorm warning for this purpose, which was said to be triggered by strong convective weather, and the possibility of hail could not be ruled out.

  Everyone thought that a thunderstorm was coming, but only Charlie wade knew in his heart that the explosion of thunder just now was actually the effect of the Thunderstorm Order!

  His expression was grave as he muttered under his breath, “It seems that that Earl of the Broken Clear Society has already tried the Lightning Stunning Order!”


  At this moment, the southwestern outskirts of Phoenix Mountain.

  Uncle Jaro’s legs were weak as he looked at the huge five-meter-wide, three-meter-deep pit in front of him, his entire body in shock and joy.

  Just half a minute ago, in the middle of the valley, he had chosen a huge stone as the target of his test and ran his spiritual energy to activate the formation in the Thunderstorm Order, intending to test the strength of this magic weapon made of lightning striking wood.

  But what he didn’t expect was that once the formation was in motion, it was like a tornado spinning wildly, and he couldn’t complete the operation and release it even though he had put in a lot of spiritual energy.

  He had no choice but to keep feeding in more and more spiritual energy until he had fed a third of his body’s spiritual energy into it, and only then was he able to complete the formation.

  Just as he was looking forward to the effect of the formation, a dark cloud suddenly gathered in the sky, enveloping the several hills around Phoenix Mountain!

  The blast of thunder that fell to earth shook his eardrums to the point of excruciating pain, and the huge rock had long since been reduced to pieces!

  The thunderbolt summoned by the Thunderbolt Order had not only shattered the boulder, it had also split the soil beneath it into a huge crater!

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