Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5635

  Ermao nodded and laughed, “I misjudged you just now, sorry! But you also know that in our business, caution makes the boat last forever, those who only think about making money all the time, who dare to sell anyone who buys them, will basically go in within a year and a half, look at me, in the Aurous Hill antique circle for more than twenty years, never capsized, it all depends on a cautious.”

  Uncle Jaro smiled and agreed: “You’re right, it’s always right to be careful!”

  With that, he asked, “Boss, I’ve already paid you the money, when can I have the finger?”

  ”Later.” Ermao said casually, “I have my men waiting for the Hong Kong businessman at the airport. Hong Kong businessmen are cautious, they never call or send messages, let alone say which flight they are coming to Aurous Hill, they will only identify themselves after meeting with a code word and token, so they may arrive at any time, so my men have to wait there all the time.”

  Ermao did not dare to let Jeff Benard come over, because Jeff Benard was also fooled by himself, in case he came and left something behind, everything would be ruined.

  So, Ermao thought about it and said, “How about this, I’ll ask him to find an errand boy in the same city and send you the trigger finger.”

  Uncle Jaro hurriedly said, “No, I can’t. How can I let someone else handle such an expensive item …… If your man is not convenient to come over, then I will go and get it from him myself later! You can just instruct him.”

  The man who runs the errands doesn’t know what this is, and they’re faster on a motorbike than by car, they’ll be there in half an hour.”

  When Uncle Jaro saw how confident he sounded, he didn’t say any more. After all, he had a bigger target at hand, the piece of lightning wood right in the middle of Ermao’s stall.

  So he said, thinking he was not showing his face, “In that case, I’ll wait here for a while and see if you have anything else good here by the way.”

  Ermao nodded, “Feel free to look around and say what you see.”

  ”Good!” Uncle Jaro said, then pretended to scan the stall for a few moments, then pointed at the piece of thunderbolt wood and asked, “Boss, how do you sell this thunderbolt wood?”

  Without thinking, Ermao said, “Five million.”

  Uncle Jaro didn’t care about the price, but asked, “Can I have a look?”

  Ermao nodded, “Whatever.”

  Uncle Jaro took the thunderbolt wood in his hand, and when his aura crossed into it, he immediately realised that there was actually an attack formation inside.

  The reason why he could recognise it as an attack formation was because this formation, which had quite a few similarities to the attack formation in the wooden sword that Lord Ying had given himself, thought that it should also be the same type of formation.

  In order not to trigger this attack formation, he immediately retracted all his aura.

  At this moment, his heart was even more excited!

  What effects the Jade Trigger Finger had, he wasn’t quite sure, but he was already very clear that this Lightning Strike Wood was an offensive magic weapon!

  To a monk, an offensive magic weapon is of great importance. When one encounters an enemy, an offensive magic weapon is an important weapon to fight against them!

  He couldn’t wait to find a place where no one was around to try out the attacking effect of this magic weapon!

  So he immediately said to Ermao, “Boss, I’ll take this piece of lightning wood too!”

  Ermao nodded: “You can have it, you can pay 800,000 US dollars.”

  Without hesitation, Jaro said, “Or is it wired to the card you just used?”

  Ermao nodded, “Yes, remit it!”

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