Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5633

  ”Stop it.” Ermao waved his hand and said impatiently, “To tell you the truth, I let him quote three million, just specifically to probe Lei Zi with this price, but anyone who really knows about antiques will absolutely curse when they hear this offer, only a plainclothes Lei Zi who wants to dig for clues will be full of promise and then take the opportunity to check for more clues.”

  Speaking of this, Ermao said again: “But let me tell you, your trick is useless with me!”

  For a moment, Uncle Jaro felt that he was really at a loss for words.

  He really did not expect that the other party’s offer of three million dollars was intended for this reason.

  Combined with his previous speculation that these people were a gang specialising in tomb raiding and selling stolen antiques, he became even more convinced of Ermao’s words.

  He felt that such criminal gangs must be very cautious and cunning if they could survive, with countless anti-detection methods.

  Combined with the tighter and more cautious structure of the Qing Breaking Association as a whole, Jaro was almost convinced of Ermao’s performance.

  The more so, the more he was afraid that Ermao misunderstood him, so he hastily compensated with a smile and said, “Boss, you are really misunderstanding me, I am not Lei Zi, I really want to buy something good that I like ……”

  ”OK, OK, OK.” Ermao said perfunctorily: “Whatever you say, you like good things, right? If you like it, you can just stroll around the antique street and buy a little more, don’t delay my business.”

  Seeing that Ermao did not listen to his explanation and even wanted to kick him out, Uncle Jaro was infuriated and wanted to slap Ermao to death here.

  If not, he could just grab the lightning wood and take it away!

  However, he dismissed these two thoughts almost instantly.

  Because he knew very well in his heart the mission of his visit to Aurous Hill.

  To kill the An family and wait for Bruce wade’s son to show himself was a deadly order given to him by Lord Ying.

  When he came to Aurous Hill, he should have set out to complete his mission without stopping, but when he got off the plane, he went straight to the antique street, which was already disobeying the holy orders and committing treason.

  If he were to cause any more trouble, he would have no way to defend himself if word of this reached the ears of Lord Ying.

  Therefore, Uncle Jaro could only hold back his anger and said to Ermao in an almost pleading tone, “Old brother, you have really misunderstood me, if you don’t believe me, just give me your bank account number and I will transfer three million to you directly! The Lei Zi you are talking about shouldn’t really take three million to buy your antiques, right?”

  ”Then who knows.” Ermao bristled, “It’s not like I haven’t encountered fishing enforcement before, what’s the point of you crediting me with the money? If you are really Lei Zi, this money is the task funds, also do not need to pay yourself, and once I received the money, it will be the charge of illegal antique trafficking, then you badge a light, handcuffs a handcuff, directly to me arrested back, you call me the money, also can get back a lot of money, then I did not get money, but also in prison for three or five years to sing tears, figure what ah me. “

  ”You …… you this person how oil and salt can not enter it!” Jaro Bo anxiously stomped his feet in place.

  He never expected that this Ermao would be so cautious, even a little too cautious.

  Moreover, no matter what he said he didn’t believe him, he didn’t believe him even when he said he would give him money, this was completely not giving him the chance to use his good offices!

  He cursed in his heart in exasperation, “Damn, if the law didn’t care, I would have yanked your kid’s head off!”

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