Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5632

Jaro feels like someone who has wanted to win the lottery for a hundred years but has never won it once, and then suddenly he wins two jackpots in a row in the space of one morning.

  To put it more directly, it’s like buying a lottery ticket all your life and not even winning the last prize of five dollars, only to win the double-color ball jackpot and then the big lottery jackpot this morning.

  At this moment, his one hundred and fifty-six years of life experience did not make him doubt whether this would be a trap or not.

  The reason for not doubting is also simple, because there are not even a few things like magic weapons that Lord Ying has.

  He had followed Lord Ying for so many years to sell his life, and Lord Ying had only given himself a magic weapon for protection, and that magic weapon was not given to him by Lord Ying, and once he returned, he would have to return it to Lord Ying for safekeeping.

  So, if Lord Ying hadn’t even given him one item, who would take two out to cheat him?

  Deep in his soul, he felt that he did not deserve it at all.

  Because no suspicion had arisen, there was nothing but ecstasy in Jaro Bo’s heart.

  Without moving, he paced up and down to Ermao’s stall and opened his mouth to ask him, “Boss, are you Ermao?”

  Ermao nodded and said casually, “It’s me, what’s wrong?”

  With a faint smile, Uncle Jaro spoke, “Hello, I just met your little brother at the airport and happened to fancy a trigger finger on his hand, so I specifically asked him to inquire about it and came to talk to you.”

  Ermao looked at Jaro with some caution and spoke, “Oh, you are the one who is willing to pay three million for that trigger finger?”

  ”It’s me.” Uncle Jaro nodded and smiled, “I’ll offer three million, no counter-offer.”

  Ermao asked curiously, “You’re very fond of antique literary objects?”

Uncle Jaro subconsciously said, “That’s right, I like it a lot.”

  Ermao frowned and asked, “If you like it so much, then you should be more knowledgeable about it. I think you were sent by Lei Zi to mess with me, right?”

  ”Uh ……,” said Jaro Bo, who was a bit stunned for a moment.

  He hadn’t really known much about the market price of antiques after all these years of closed-door cultivation.

  Coupled with the fact that he hadn’t been to China for twenty years, he couldn’t quite figure out the prices in China.

  But to be honest, he felt that a jade trigger finger from the Qing Dynasty, and a jade trigger finger of ordinary texture, was priced at three million dollars, and he vaguely felt that it was a bit outrageous.

  But as he was not short of money, and as he really wanted the artefact, he was anxious to get his hands on it, so he did not ponder over it.

  Now, when Ermao asked him a rhetorical question, he was caught off guard.

  What he didn’t expect was that he didn’t even suspect Ermao, but Ermao suspected him instead.

  Thinking for a moment, Jaro said, “Boss, you misunderstood, I am just an overseas Chinese who returned to China to visit his family, not a thunderbolt, and I really like the jade trigger finger, so it doesn’t matter to me if the price is higher.”

  Ermao snorted and laughed, “I see you’re not young, why are you lying with your mouth open? Who would believe what you say? If you put that finger in the antique market, $30,000 would be about right. If you really like it, you can offer it for 50,000? At three million, only a man like you who doesn’t know anything about antiques can say yes!”

  When Uncle Jaro heard this, his whole body was dumbfounded.

  He did not know that this was the latest script that Charlie wade had arranged for Ermao, so he could only explain in a pale and innocent manner, “Boss, I’m really not any Lei Zi ……”

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