Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5631

  Ermao was only five or six minutes away from Shangri-la Palace by electric bike, and it would take Charlie wade about the same amount of time to fly there, but it would take the other party at least thirty or forty minutes to get from the airport to the antique street.

  Now, on the other hand, only a few minutes had passed since he had asked for information about Ermao, and he might not even be in a taxi yet, so he still had enough window of time for himself.

  Soon, a helicopter took off from the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel and headed to Shangri-la Palace as fast as it could.

  When Charlie wade arrived at Shangri-la Palace, Ermao also arrived just in time.

  After meeting him in Isaac Cameron’s office, Charlie wade asked him, “The piece of lightning wood I gave you, have you brought it over?”

  ”Brought it over.” Ermao pulled out the piece of thunderstruck talisman from his pocket and handed it to Charlie wade, saying, “Master Wade, take a look.”

  Charlie wade nodded and instructed him, “Ermao, go out and wait for me for a while.”

  ”Good!” Without thinking, Ermao said, “Master Wade, then you can call me anytime if you need anything.”

  After saying that, he respectfully retreated from the office.

  Charlie wade hurriedly used his aura and made some adjustments to the formation in the Thunderstrike Talisman, and a few minutes later, he called for Ermao, handed him the adjusted Thunderstrike Talisman, used a few points of his aura, and instructed him, “Ermao, take this piece of Thunderstrike Wood back with you now, and if the other party asks you about the details of the tomb raid, and asks if you have any other products besides this piece of Thunderstrike Wood, you Tell him that the thunderbolt wood and the trigger finger were both given to you by your superior for distribution, and that you don’t know anything about where the stuff was dug or how much was dug;”

  ”If he asks who your superior is, you also tell him you don’t know, and say that every once in a while, your superior will contact you, and if he wants to see your superior, let him leave you a phone number, and when your superior contacts you, you will then pass it on for him, and if your superior is willing to see him, you will inform him by phone.”

  Ermao did not know that he had been psychologically implied by Charlie wade, and immediately nodded heavily and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I remember everything.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade said with satisfaction, “You can go back, keep all the money you get from selling these two items this time, it’s a token of my appreciation, so don’t shirk it.”

  Ermao hurriedly said, “Thank you Master Wade!”


  A few minutes later, Ermao returned to the antique street.

  Someone asked him, “Brother Ermao, what did you do just now, several people asked you for something.”

  Ermao said casually, “I went to scurry around, I had a bad stomach this morning.”

  As he said that, he took out the lightning talisman and placed it back in the middle of the stall.

  At this moment, he still did not know that it had been reshaped by Charlie wade.

  Twenty minutes later.

  A long-shirted old man walked into the Antique Street with a brisk pace.

  This person, was Uncle Jaro.

  All the way from the airport to the Antique Street by taxi, he kept urging the driver to drive faster, but even so, it still took nearly forty minutes to arrive here.

  The first thing he did when he walked into the street was to check for any aura fluctuations around him!

  His eyes immediately looked towards that fluctuation, only to see a middle-aged man with thieving eyes and two moustaches standing in front of a stall, introducing a commodity to a tourist with his mouth agape.

  This middle-aged man was Ermao.

  Immediately afterwards, Jaro’s eyes skipped over Ermao and landed on a piece of lightning-struck wood right in the middle of Ermao’s stall.

  At this moment, Uncle Jaro’s heart was agitated because he knew that the thunderbolt wood was a magic weapon!

  He had never seen a magic weapon outside in his life, but he had found two in quick succession before his butt was even warmed up in Aurous Hill!

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