Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5623

  ”Yes, yes, yes.” Uncle Jaro was displeased with Jeff Benard’s attitude, but did not have any intention of getting angry, after all, this also reinforced his judgment of Jeff Benard.

  So, he said with a smile, “I’m not going to lie, little brother, it’s my first time in Aurous Hill, I’m not familiar with the place, and I’m also old, my eyes are not too good, so I’m a bit confused.”

  As he said that, he took out a hundred yuan note from his pocket and handed it to Jeff Benard, saying, “This is a small token of appreciation, please accept it.

  Originally, Jeff Benard did not want to take care of this old man, but when he saw that the other party had taken out a hundred yuan bill, his attitude immediately became better.

  He smilingly drew the hundred yuan from Jaro Bo’s hand and then said dryly, “Things are definitely the fastest on the underground, but it’s after ten o’clock now, the morning rush has already passed, and a taxi to the city now will only take half an hour, which is a bit faster than the underground, so since you’re not short of money, you’d better take a taxi.”

  ”Good!” Jaro Bo arched his hand and politely said, “Then thank you little brother!”

  ”You’re welcome.” Jeff Benard said, directly stuffing the hundred yuan note into his pocket.

  In his opinion, if he didn’t put this money in his pocket quickly, maybe this old man would still look for himself to ask for it back.

  At this moment, Uncle Jaro pointed at the jade trigger finger on his right thumb and asked curiously, “Little brother, I see that this trigger finger of yours is not bad, I wonder how much it can be worth?”

  He said, “This finger is from the Qing Dynasty, not too valuable, but not too cheap either, the market price must be in the middle ten thousand.”

  Uncle Jaro, who normally did not know much about antiques, asked him curiously, “What does that mean?”

  Jeff Benard said, “The middle ten thousand is the middle number of ten thousand, and any ten or twenty thousand above or below fifty thousand is considered a middle ten thousand.”

  ”Ouch.” Uncle Jaro said with a smile, “Seeing how you speak so easily, you must be in the antique business, right?”

  ”Yes.” Jeff Benard didn’t hide it and said casually, “I’ve been in the antique business for ten to twenty years.”

  Uncle Jaro asked curiously, “Little brother, if you are in the antique business, why have you come to the airport to pick up people?”

  Jeff Benard frowned, looked up and down at Jaro and said, “Old man, you have a lot of questions, don’t you want to know how to get to the city the fastest? Then you should be in a hurry.”

  He said, “I think I’ve talked a bit too much and caused the other party to be wary.

  So he hurriedly said with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry, but when I get old, I talk too much, and I want to talk to everyone.

  What Uncle Jaro did not know was that what Jeff Benard meant by saying this was actually to remind him that if he still wanted to ask other questions, then he should take out some more money, the hundred yuan limit just now was considered to have been used up.

  So, Jeff Benard said with a heated smile and a deep meaning, “Old man, it doesn’t matter if we talk more, it depends on who we talk to and how we talk.”

  Saying that, he deliberately used his thumb and index finger, which were wearing jade trigger fingers, together, to make a gesture of counting money.

  Uncle Jaro came back to his senses and cursed in his heart, “I’m so f*cking dumb, I’ve overestimated you! Since that’s the case, I don’t have to beat around the bush with you, so I’ll get straight to the point!”

  Immediately afterwards, he took out a few hundred yuan notes from his pocket and handed them to Jeff Benard, saying with a smile, “To be honest, I’m very interested in antiques, and when I saw this finger on your hand, I thought it was the right one. We can talk about the money!”

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