Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5621

  When he was a young man, the Qing court was incompetent, the Boxer Rebellion was in full swing, and the people were suffering from internal and external problems.

  He could not count the number of times he had struggled from the brink of death, but he could only remember that whenever it came to the critical moment of life and death, his heart would beat faster and slower, with a few pains and palpitations, as it did just now.

  It was to escape the war, to get a meal and to survive that he joined the Chang Yun Guan as a Taoist priest.

  At that time, he studied Taoism in order to live and not to starve to death, but only after he entered the Taoist sect did he understand that what Taoists sought was not just to live, but to live forever.

  It was only when he met Lord Ying that he truly embarked on the path to immortality.

  It was only when he met Lord Ying that he truly embarked on the path to immortality. After mastering his aura, for so many years, Uncle Jaro never felt the same nervousness he did back then, until today, after more than a hundred years, he once again felt that apprehension between life and death.

  He couldn’t help but think in his heart, “Is this trip to Aurous Hill a great disaster?”

  As soon as he thought this, he shook his head off and reassured himself, “I shouldn’t! How can there be anything that can hurt me in Aurous Hill? Twenty years ago, Bruce wade and An Chengqi, who lived here in seclusion, were no match for me! This time, if I destroy the entire An family in Aurous Hill, no one will be able to hurt me!”

  At this point, the corners of his mouth curved upwards in a cruel and playful manner as he sneered, “And the only son of An Chenggeng and Bruce wade, you were lucky to escape twenty years ago, if you are still alive, if you are still in Aurous Hill, this time I will send you and your grandparents to meet your short-lived parents!

  At that moment, the first class lounge attendant came to his side and said with a respectful face, “Hello Mr Jaro, your flight to Aurous Hill has started boarding, please proceed to Gate 36 in time to board.”

  Jaro opened his eyes and smiled faintly, “Okay, thanks.”

  Having said that, he stood up and headed to gate 36.

  Forty minutes later, the plane Jaro was on took off on the runway of Eastcliff Airport, and after a half turn in the air, flew all the way south.

  Ten o’clock in the morning.

  The plane landed at Aurous Hill Airport ten minutes early.

  As the cabin music played, Jaro, who had closed his eyes all the way, opened them. He looked out of the window and felt his blood, all of it, gradually become hot and boiling.

  He knew that it was the desire to kill.

  He had not had many opportunities to go on a killing spree because he had to get the approval of Lord Ying for all his actions. The last time he had gone on a killing spree was twenty years ago, and this time, he was going to exterminate the whole An family in Aurous Hill, so thinking about it, he could not help but sigh in his heart that he really had some destiny with this place, Aurous Hill, only that this destiny was a bit heavier in blood.

  The plane docked at the corridor bridge, and Jaro Bo was the first to step out of the passenger cabin.

  He walked through the promenade, through the baggage area and into the arrival hall of the airport.

  He knew where the An family was, but he was not prepared to strike at them immediately, because Lord Ying had two tasks to perform. Apart from exterminating the entire An family, he had to plan a place to hide after the strike, as he had to wait in the shadows for An Chengqing and Bruce wade’s son to appear.

  Therefore, the first thing at hand was the need to find a place to land first.

  Just as he was about to take a taxi to the city first, he suddenly sensed something unusual!

  Immediately afterwards, he turned his head and locked his gaze on a middle-aged man holding a sign to pick up people at the back of the diagonal.

  He didn’t bother to read what was written on the huge sign; his gaze, in its entirety, was focused on the middle-aged man’s right thumb.

  In a flash, his pupils snapped shut!

  If he were to describe his mastery of aura as another kind of vision, then this man’s right thumb was the only light in the pitch-black world that he could see with his eyes!

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