Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5620

The following day.

  Charlie wade and Claire were already up at dawn.

  While Jacob and Elaine were still awake, they got ready at six o’clock and drove to the airport.

  This time, it was the first time in their many years of marriage that Claire had travelled alone.

  Although both of them had reluctance in their hearts, they both knew that they had no choice in this temporary departure.

  Charlie wade had to ensure Claire’s safety by sending her to Phoebe, who would certainly be able to take care of her

  Claire, on the other hand, felt that she had to help Phoebe with her pressing needs, so she could only be separated from her husband for a while.

  When they parted at the airport, Claire’s eyes were red and she gently hugged Charlie wade, murmuring, “Honey, I don’t know how long it will take for me to go to the US this time, so I’ll be working hard for you at home …… “

  Charlie wade stroked her back and said comfortingly, “With my husband around, don’t worry, I will take care of mum and dad.”

  Claire admonished, “The main thing is to take care of yourself, don’t always think about going to help people with feng shui.”

  ”Fine, fine.” Charlie wade smiled faintly and said softly, “You too, don’t always think about work when you arrive in New York, pay attention to combining work and rest.”

  Claire quietly wiped away her tears and said reluctantly, “Honey, I’m going in then ……”

  ”Go on!” Charlie wade nodded and said with a smile, “Tell me first after you land.”


  Charlie wade watched Claire enter the security check, and only turned around to leave after she had completed the security check and left the security channel.

  It was only just half past six, so Charlie wade didn’t rush to leave, but went to the arrival hall of the airport.

  As it was too early, there were only a few people waiting to be picked up here, and Charlie wade saw at a glance a man wearing a jade trigger finger, holding a pick-up sign at the exit.

  Charlie wade put his heart down a little, so far, Ermao had arranged for things to land very reliably.

  Charlie wade did not move his voice and silently came to the large airport screen to stop and watch.

  The earliest flight out of Aurous Hill would not take off until ten minutes later, while the earliest incoming flight would not land until eight o’clock.

  Most of the incoming flights were from major cities in China, while a few were from other cities overseas.

  Charlie wade did not know whether his enemies would arrive by plane, nor did he know where his enemies would come from, but he knew one thing, and that was that from now on, he would no longer have any worries when he was stationed in Aurous Hill!

  He clenched his fist and swore in his heart, “Whoever wants to continue killing my grandparents in the city where my parents were killed 20 years ago, I, Charlie wade, will fight to the death, to the death! God will kill God, Buddha will kill Buddha!”

  The last sixteen words were loud and clear in Charlie wade’s heart!

  With a steely gaze, he once again glanced at the incoming flights at the airport, turned around and left in stride!


  At this time, Eastcliff.

  It was also 6:30 in the morning, and Eastcliff International Airport was much busier than Aurous Hill.

  Due to the high density of flights, Eastcliff’s outbound flights started departing one after another from 6:10 am.

  A long-shirted Jaro Bo, in his capacity as Jaroqing, an Argentinean Chinese, strides into the domestic departure hall of Eastcliff Airport.

  Under pressure from his British masters, he had bought the earliest flight to Aurous Hill today, which left at eight o’clock and was expected to take one hour and forty minutes.

  After checking in, Jaro Bo closed his eyes in the first class lounge and waited to board the plane.

  But his heart, which had been beating for 1506 years, somehow kept losing speed more often than he should have, sometimes suddenly going too fast, sometimes too slow, like a rollercoaster.

  Uncle Jaro knew that this abnormal performance was due to the tension in his own heart.

  Although he had not been really nervous for many years, he still remembered clearly that he used to do this whenever he was nervous, a habit that had been formed in his childhood and into his youth.

  At this moment, Jaro could not help but think back to his long journey through life.

  His childhood, in those tragic years of disgrace and humiliation, when he could not get enough to eat, could not get enough to wear, and was surrounded by wolves and tigers;

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