Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5619

  But once she heard Phoebe Flynn say that it would simply be too late, and combined with the fact that the loss of one day could potentially exceed ten million dollars, Claire stopped refusing.

  Phoebe Flynn then reminded, “Right Claire, you don’t need to bring too many luggage items, whether it’s for living or working, I have everything here, and you’ll be staying at my house and sharing a room with me after you come, so whatever you need I can use directly here, so you should pack light this time, the simpler the better.”

  ”OK ……”

  Because Phoebe Flynn described her situation as a hundred thousand times more urgent, Claire did not dare to delay in the slightest, hung up the phone and returned to their room together with Charlie wade, and then began to pack her luggage.

  Although Phoebe Flynn had already said on the phone that she should pack as lightly as possible, she nevertheless packed as many personal items as she needed to avoid giving Phoebe Flynn trouble when she arrived in the United States.

  Phoebe Flynn also quickly coordinated a flight. A Flynn family business jet from Hong Kong Island had already taken off late at night for Aurous Hill, and would land in Aurous Hill in the early hours of the morning, just waiting for Claire to arrive before taking off for New York.

  Because Phoebe Flynn had already laid out the background of the need to put out the fire, Claire also felt that time was running out, so he planned to leave for the airport at six o’clock tomorrow morning, as there was no traffic in Aurous Hill at six o’clock, and he could arrive at the airport in half an hour. I’d like to see you at the airport.

  When she thought that she was going to the United States, she had no other choice, although she was very reluctant to leave Charlie wade.

  At this moment, Charlie wade was finally relieved that his plan of sending Claire away had been accomplished.

  After the couple packed their suitcases together, Charlie wade suddenly remembered something and asked Claire, “Wife, do you want to tell your parents about your going away?”

  Claire thought about it and shook her head, “Forget it, if I tell my mum that I’m going to the US again, she might even make a fuss about going with me, it’s not like I’m going to the US on holiday, how can I bring her along? I won’t tell her because I left early and in a hurry, so she won’t have a chance to go even if she wants to.”

  Charlie wade nodded, he was also worried that Elaine had to follow him like a dog’s skin, in case he caused any more trouble for Claire in America, he was afraid that Claire would not be able to solve it if he was not there.


  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  Although he knew that he was a great enemy, his heart was not half panicked.

  He even had a vague expectation of the Count who would be coming next from the Broken Qing Society.

  So far since he had obtained the Nine Mystic Scriptures, he had yet to actually meet a second person who had mastered the aura face to face.

  The last time he had eliminated Uncle Jordan, it was also him who had commanded him remotely from Aurous Hill and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple who had completed the kill with a close-in defence cannon in Cyprus.

  This time, he knew very well that he would have to fight a fierce battle face to face with one of the Earls of the Qing Breaking Society.

  His previous enemies were all too weak in comparison.

  This was the best chance to test his strength.

  Although Lin Wan’er said that he was in danger, in Charlie wade’s mind, he had some certainty of winning this fierce battle, mainly because he knew that he was definitely not exposed yet, and that the enemy would probably ring the two “bells” he had asked Ermao to lay.

  In that case, the enemy would be in the dark, and he would naturally have a better chance of winning!

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