Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5618

Despite her soft personality, Claire has always been committed to being a strong woman in her work.

  And these words of Charlie wade just now had spoken to her heart.

  When a woman went out to work, how could she bring her husband along as a companion? That would not only make her look useless, but her husband would look even more useless.

  Besides that, Charlie wade’s last words were also on point.

  Claire and Phoebe Flynn were good friends, and when good friends got along, they couldn’t always involve their husbands in it, otherwise Phoebe Flynn would definitely find it strange too.

  Thinking of this, she then had to nod and said to Charlie wade with an apologetic face, “Honey, if that’s the case, then I’ll have to go by myself, take care of yourself during the time I’m not in Aurous Hill, plus help me take care of my parents as well.”

  ”Don’t worry.” Charlie wade smiled and asked, “By the way wife, have you not given Miss Flynn a clear reply yet?”

  Claire nodded, “I told her that I would have to discuss with you before replying to her.”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Then you should give her a call directly now, just say that it’s no problem, you can go to America anytime.”

  Claire gave a hint and said, “Then I’ll call her back now.”

  With that, she took out her mobile phone and called Phoebe Flynn.

  On the other end of the phone, Phoebe Flynn asked her somewhat anxiously, “Claire, have you spoken to Mr. Wade?”

  Claire said, “I’ve discussed with Charlie wade, I’ll leave everything at home to him, and I’ll go to America to see you as soon as possible.”

  ”Great!” Phoebe Flynn immediately said, “I’ll have someone dispatch a long-range business jet to Aurous Hill nearby, so that it can arrive in Aurous Hill before dawn tomorrow, so you can leave for the airport first thing in the morning!”

  Claire asked in surprise, “Is this …… so urgent?”

  ”Yes!” Phoebe Flynn said helplessly, “I’m not going to lie to you ah, out now is really a hundred thousand fire, I this project stop working for a day, the loss of the amount of money in ten million dollars, if it continues to delay, I can not even face to explain to the shareholders ……”

  Phoebe Flynn temporarily called off the project, the daily loss is indeed to be calculated in ten million dollars, but the real big loss is not here, the real big loss, is that she must scrap all the preliminary design plans, with the related preparation work, the direct loss in this regard is more than 100 million dollars.

  But to the Fei family, this amount of money is nothing at all. In Phoebe Flynn’s eyes, not to mention US$100 million, as long as Charlie wade asks for it, so what if it is US$100 billion?

  Therefore, to her, this loss was not only irrelevant, but also willingly.

  Once Claire heard this, she naturally knew that she could not delay any longer, so she said without hesitation, “Then I will go back and pack my things in a while, and leave for the airport first thing tomorrow morning.”

  As she said that, she remembered something and hurriedly said, “Right Phoebe, you don’t need to bother deploying any official planes, I’ll look at the tickets and if there’s a flight tomorrow morning, I’ll buy my own ticket and fly there.”

  Phoebe Flynn said, “No need to look at it Claire, I have just looked at it, there is no direct flight to New York from Aurous Hill, if you go to another city to connect, you will not arrive until at least the day after tomorrow, so you should go and pack your luggage, let Mr. Wade send you to the airport in the morning, I will make the rest of the arrangements.”

  ”Okay ……” Claire’s intention was not to let Phoebe Flynn break the bank too much, as she knew that the cost of a business flight to the US would be at least a million.

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