Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5616

In Charlie wade’s opinion, although the Broken Qing Society was most likely coming for his grandparents, since Lin Wan’er had said that he was in danger, it meant that he was afraid that he would have to go through a vicious battle.

  A vicious battle, Charlie wade was not afraid.

  From the day he managed to survive at the age of eight, he knew that every day he lived was earned.

  What he was afraid of was in case his grandparents and his wife, Claire, were in danger at the same time, and he would be too distracted to do anything else.

  When he thought of this, the first thought that came to his mind was to hurry up and find a way to get Claire out of Aurous Hill first.

  If Claire was not in Aurous Hill, he would have no worries and could concentrate on protecting his grandparents in Aurous Hill.

  However, for a while, Charlie wade could not think of any way to make Claire leave Aurous Hill without any suspicion.

  At first, he wanted to give Elaine an “accidental jackpot” scheme, asking someone to pretend to be the person in charge of a company’s jackpot event and directly give Elaine a 10-day trip to Europe, and then give her a place to accompany her, and specify that the accompanying person must be a woman, so that if Elaine wanted to go, she could only ask Claire to join her.

  However, on second thought, Claire had been in the United States for a while to further her studies, and after she returned, her career was bursting at the seams, so if Elaine really asked her to go on the trip, and if she went for ten days, she would probably not agree.

  If the trip didn’t work out, and he found another opportunity, Claire might notice something unusual.

  After thinking about it, Charlie wade suddenly thought of Phoebe Flynn in the United States.

  If Phoebe Flynn had something to do with her work, Claire would not refuse.

  Not only because Claire was very dedicated to her work, but also because Claire had always felt in her heart that she owed Phoebe Flynn a big favor for the design school master class, so if Phoebe Flynn had something to ask for her help, then she would definitely not refuse!

  So, Charlie wade immediately took out his mobile phone and called Phoebe Flynn.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

  When she received Charlie wade’s call, Phoebe Flynn jumped a little and hurriedly adjusted her breathing rate a few times before she picked up the phone and asked in a calm manner, “Mr. Wade, do you need to see me?”

  Charlie wade gave a hint and said, “Miss Flynn, I have something that I need a favour from you.”

  Phoebe Flynn said without thinking, “Mr. Wade, you and Phoebe don’t have to be polite, if there’s anything, you can just ask.”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Miss Flynn, I would like to know if your Flynn Group has any property projects that are being promoted in the United States these days?”

  ”Yes.” Phoebe Flynn spoke, “Flynn’s Group is doing a great deal of real estate business in the United States, right now, just in New York, we have several commercial real estate projects under development and construction.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Then are there any projects that are just about to start, or are in preparation?”

  ”Yes.” Phoebe Flynn said, “We have a commercial centre in New York that is in preparation and will be officially launched soon.”

  ”Great.” Charlie wade immediately said, “I’d like you to find a work-related excuse to help me call Claire to spend some time in America.”

  Phoebe Flynn asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, won’t you be with Claire?”

  ”No.” Charlie wade said, “I have some business that I must stay in Aurous Hill, and it will be dangerous for Claire to stay here, so I want her to go to America for a while longer.”

  Phoebe Flynn asked nervously, “Mr. Wade, is it possible that Broken Qing will find you ……”

  Charlie wade said, “It’s not me, it’s my grandparents, they are all in Aurous Hill now.”

  Phoebe Flynn quickly asked him, “You …… have you met up with Grandpa and Grandma An?”

  ”Not yet.” Charlie wade said, sighing lightly and saying helplessly, “If they are really in danger this time, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to hide and not see them anymore.”

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