Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5613

  Claudia looked around nervously and saw that no one else was around before she lowered her voice and said to Lin Wan’er, “Xiao Wan, don’t say such things in the future, even if I have adoration for brother Charlie wade, what can I do? I’m just lamenting that it’s not my time…”

  Lin Wan’er nodded: “That’s what the ancients say, “I was born before you were born, but I was born before you were old.”

  At this point, Lin Wan’er sighed quietly with a complicated expression, then hurriedly adjusted and said with a smile, “But it doesn’t matter if he was married, you can still be the younger one.”

  Claudia said shamefacedly, “You …… why do you net nonsense! It’s getting out of hand! Flirting with me on purpose aren’t you ……”

  Lin Wan’er said with a serious face, “I’m not flirting with you, I mean what I say, I mean it 100%! Since you like him, as long as he likes you too, what difference does it make if you are big or small?”

  Claudia blushed in shame, not daring to look at Lin Wan’er, and said resentfully, “You …… you …… you’re just being trifling!”

  Lin Wan’er was surprised and asked, “Did I? Don’t people live their whole life to make themselves happy? If you like someone, but you can’t be with that person, then I’m afraid you can’t be happy in your life, right?”

  Claudia said seriously, “Even if you can’t be happy, you can’t go and destroy someone’s family ……”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head, “I’m talking about integration, integration is making you part of his family, it’s not destroying.”

  Claudia was shocked and bashful, and after pushing open the door to her dorm room in a panic, she headed straight for the bathroom, chanting under her breath, “Your view of the three is too crooked, I’m not going to talk to you, I’m going to take a shower first!”

  Lin Wan’er watched her back as she entered the bathroom and muttered in a voice she could only hear, “Where is this crooked outlook? Human civilization has been around for thousands of years, isn’t monogamy only in these last few decades?”

  After saying that, she shook her head and muttered again under her breath, “By the way …… Charlie wade gave me the elixir and instructed me not to leave Aurous Hill University recently, I reckon he must think that I will be in some kind of danger in the near future …… Could it be that people from the Broken Clear Society , have arrived at Aurous Hill?”

  ”But …… that shouldn’t be the case either …… I was so cautious throughout my visit to China this time, how could I have exposed myself so quickly?”

  Thinking of this, she hurriedly took out the nine bronze coins from her own pocket, and finally climbed onto her bed, silently recited a few words, and threw the nine coins on the surface of the bed.

  She stared at the trigram presented by the nine bronze coins for a long time, and was even more puzzled: “Judging from this trigram, there is no danger for me in the near future ……”

  Lin Wan’er was even more surprised in her heart, “Is Charlie wade overly worried?”

  Just at this time, Lin Wan’er suddenly had an inexplicable sense of tension in her heart, she suddenly thought of a problem and exclaimed in her heart, “Charlie wade feels that I am in danger, it must be because he knows that people from the Broken Clear Society may come to Aurous Hill, since I am not exposed, then could it be that …… could it be that Charlie wade is going to be exposed? “

  At this thought, she hurriedly reviewed in her mind the birthday of Charlie wade that she had investigated earlier, then calculated his birth date, and after mouthing a few words, she once again threw the nine copper coins on the bed.

  Then, with her eyes fixed on these nine copper coins, her heart suddenly thudded: “Not good …… Charlie wade is in danger!”

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