Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5610

Hearing that Charlie wade said that he could cure his migraine by taking the elixir, Lin Wan’er was quite curious.

  She knew that she owed her migraine to Charlie wade, so she was also curious to know what exactly Charlie wade had to do to cure her symptoms without sending in spiritual energy to herself.

  At this time, Charlie wade took out a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill from his pocket.

  And this Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill was an enhanced version that was later refined using the Tai Zhen Dao Tripod Furnace.

  Charlie wade looked at this elixir and introduced it to the two people, “This is a wonderful elixir that I obtained by chance a long time ago, I dare not say it can bring back the dead, but it can still cure all diseases.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade said with a little bit of heartache, “But there is not much of this elixir left, so I have to save it, just take half of it at a time, oh no, a quarter of it is enough.”

  After saying that, he looked at Claudia and asked her, “Do you have a fruit knife?”

  ”Yes!” Claudia hurriedly took a fruit knife and handed it to Charlie wade.

  Charlie wade placed the elixir on the table and carefully cut off a quarter of it, then handed it to Lin Wan’er and said, “Little Wan, take these elixirs and you should be fine soon.”

  Lin Wan’er was a little skeptical.

  She felt that the odds were that Charlie wade’s pills were not obtained by chance, as Charlie wade had said, but more likely, Charlie wade had refined them himself.

  However, although she knew that Charlie wade had mastered aura, she was not sure if the elixir Charlie wade had refined was reliable, so she asked him carefully, “Brother Charlie wade, is this elixir …… directly eaten?”

  ”Yes, eat it directly.” Charlie wade nodded and urged, “Hurry up and eat it, it will be fine after you finish it.”

  ”Okay ……,” Lin Wan’er picked up the elixir, examined it for a moment, and put it into her mouth anyway.

  The elixir melted in her mouth, and the pure medicinal power immediately turned into a warm stream that spread throughout her body along with the blood flow.

  And immediately after that, that warm flow all converged to one’s brain, as if turning off the brain’s pain switch instantly, all the pain instantly dissipated!

  Lin Wan’er was immediately shocked and sighed in her heart, “I didn’t expect that Charlie wade would really know how to make pills! And it was such a powerful elixir! It only took a quarter of a pill to heal the damage he caused to me, the medicinal properties of this pill are truly remarkable ……”

  Claudia, who was at the side, asked Lin Wan’er with a curious face at this moment, “Xiao Wan, how are you feeling? Is this elixir taking effect?”

  Lin Wan’er retracted her thoughts and pretended to be incomparably shocked, “My head, it doesn’t even hurt anymore ……”

  After saying that, she looked up at Charlie wade and said excitedly, “Brother Charlie wade, your elixir is also too powerful!”

  Charlie wade naturally knew that this quarter of a pill would definitely be able to cure Lin Wan’er’s headache.

  But he also knew very well in his heart that Lin Wan’er was a girl who had seen the world, and as she could possess that ring and be missed by the Ying Master of the Broken Clear Society, she must know something about aura as well.

  The most important thing he needed to worry about now was that she must not guess through this elixir that he was the benefactor who had saved her in Northern Europe and whom she could no longer remember at all.

  So, Charlie wade said casually, “This elixir is also something I got lucky and bought back from the antique street, now it’s a little bit less to eat.”

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