Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5609

  She had never had this kind of intimate contact with any male in all her life, so just as the back of her hand was next to Charlie wade’s thigh, her heart instantly sped up and her cheeks quickly flushed bright red.

  Charlie wade did not care about this.

  In his heart, he knew that there was basically no point in checking Lin Wan’er’s pulse.

  The best way to treat her headache was to directly send in a few bits of spiritual energy to repair the damage to her brain.

  But once Charlie wade thought about it, this Lin Wan’er was from a good background, and the fact that she could have that pitiful ring proved that even if she hadn’t mastered aura, she must understand what aura was.

  In other words, people were equivalent to those who had grown up by the sea and seen and eaten it, so if they took shark fins and pretended to be fans, they would be able to tell at a glance.

  Moreover, Charlie wade now surmised that the probability was that Lin Wan’er would not remember herself, so if he directly channeled aura into her body, wouldn’t that be an active exposure?

  Therefore, the solution Charlie wade thought of was to pretend to check her pulse and then take half a Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill to her, as it was not worth much to him anyway.

  Moreover, Charlie wade was not worried that he would be exposed, after all, his title as Grandmaster Wade was well known in Aurous Hill, and I guess even Claudia had told Lin Wan’er about it, so it was reasonable for Grandmaster Wade to take out a pill that could cure all diseases.

  As for why he took half a pill instead of one, it was to give Lin Wan’er an initial idea that although this was good, he didn’t have a lot of it himself and had to be careful with his money.

  So, he gently put his finger on top of Lin Wan’er’s wrist pulse, closed his eyes and felt it for a moment, then he spoke, “Little Wan, from your pulse, you should have a migraine triggered by water and soil, plus overwork, you said your headache started from the day you reported for duty, so I guess you were also a bit tired that day.”

  As soon as Lin Wan’er heard this, she knew that Charlie wade was talking nonsense, so she pretended to be puzzled and said, “But …… Brother Charlie wade …… I’m not going to lie, I’ve been in Aurous Hill for quite a long time… . if I really have trouble with the water, I shouldn’t have waited until now ……”

  I didn’t overexert myself at all the day I reported for duty, grandpa’s housekeeper sent me over and accompanied me all the way through the various formalities, and I only came to the dormitory to make my bed by myself, so I shouldn’t be so tired that I had a headache …… “

  Charlie wade knew that Lin Wan’er was right to question, because she by definition no longer remembered the day she gave her a psychological suggestion, so she must have been confused as to why she herself would suddenly suffer from a migraine.

  However, since Charlie wade had come to show her, he naturally had to say something to disturb her vision and then also set the stage for himself later.

  When it has stored enough energy, it will selectively explode, sometimes in the mouth, where it will cause sores; sometimes in the intestines and digestive system, where it will cause prolonged diarrhoea or constipation; Sometimes it will also erupt on the surface of the skin, making one break out in many hives and itching, in short, watery soil is not as simple as you might think.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added: “You Chinese who live overseas all the time may lack understanding of our traditional Chinese medicine, what Chinese medicine is best at is to pull out the threads and peel back the cocoon, from the surface, to explore its true essence, and then eliminate the symptoms at the most root.”

  Claudia listened with amazement and exclaimed, “It does sound like it is very profound ……”

  What Lin Wan’er was thinking in her mind was, “Just keep fooling around …… you!”

  Charlie wade felt that he had pretty much paved the way, so he casually waved his hand and spoke, “It’s normal for you young half-grown girls to not understand Chinese medicine, but it doesn’t matter, I have some spiritual medicine here, Xiao Wan’s condition can be cured at the root if you take it!”

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