Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5604

Meanwhile, Golden University.

  The new students of Golden University have already completed the process of registration, class allocation and assignment of counsellors, and the school has issued military training uniforms to all students this afternoon, and the two-week military training will officially start early tomorrow morning.

  Since the military training will be paramilitary, both Lin Wan’er and Claudia have chosen to live on campus, otherwise they would have to get up after 6am every day and would not be able to make it if they walked.

  At the moment, the two of them are chatting in their dorm rooms while they make up their beds and personal belongings.

  Ever since her family was killed, Claudia has become very cautious of others and does not usually like to interact with people.

  However, she is usually a quiet person, but somehow she has a lot in common with Lin Wan’er. No matter what they talk about, Lin Wan’er’s manner of speaking gives her a feeling of hating each other.

  In Claudia’s opinion, Lin Wan Er is not only beautiful and has a great temperament, but more importantly, Claudia finds that Lin Wan Er is also a girl of great substance and education, not only does she talk well, but she also has a great amount of knowledge, and even her every move in life is elegant and decent.

  So for Claudia, deep down she admired Lin Wan’er and could not help but see her as a role model in her heart.

  Lin Wan’er is also very friendly to Claudia, not to mention that the people around her usually treat her with respect like the next person, but at school, in the dormitory and in front of Claudia, she acts like a big sister and takes extra care of Claudia.

  Of course, there were elements of Lin Wan’er’s desire to deliberately draw closer to Claudia, but in addition, Lin Wan’er also felt that Claudia’s personality was very much in line with her own temper.

  Although Lin Wan’er wanted to find out more about Charlie wade from Claudia, she did not dare to mention him in her conversations.

  Although she also looked forward to the opportunity to meet Charlie wade again, on the other hand, she was also a little apprehensive in her heart, fearing that Charlie wade would not be at ease with himself and would have to use his aura to test himself the next time he saw her.

  To her, although Charlie wade’s psychological suggestion could not play a practical role, the after-effects from the last time when the aura had entered her brain had not been fully relieved even now.

  When Claudia saw Lin Wan Er chatting, her brow unconsciously furrowed, so she couldn’t help but ask her, “Xiao Wan, what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?”

  Lin Wan’er forced a smile and rubbed her temples and said, “Nothing, just a little headache.”

  Claudia asked carefully; “Is it your period? The counsellor said today that if you have your period, you are allowed to explain the situation to her and she will help us ask for leave from the instructor.”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head, “It’s not my period, I guess it’s just a migraine, my temples are throbbing and hurting.”

  Claudia asked her, “Do you want to take some painkillers then? Sister Xiaofen sent me some regular medicine this afternoon, and there’s ibuprofen in it.”

  Lin Wan’er waved her hand and said, “Thanks, but the painkillers I’ve been taking for the past two days are not very effective.”

  Saying that, she took out a plate of ibuprofen from her pocket, twelve capsules of ibuprofen, which was by now mostly empty.

  Claudia exclaimed, “Is this all you’ve been taking for the past two days? I don’t think you can overdose on this medicine, can you?”

  Lin Wan’er said helplessly, “I can’t help it, it really hurts too much, so I can only take two more to try, but it doesn’t seem to have any obvious effect.”

  Claudia said squarely, “This won’t work, why don’t we go to the hospital, I’ll go with you!”

  ”Forget it.” Lin Wan’er waved her hand, “Migraines are one of the most difficult to treat complex illnesses, and there’s not much the hospital can do about it.”

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