Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5603

  ”You don’t know sh*t!” Jacob Wilson looked at her with contempt, then said to Charlie wade: “Right, good son-in-law, our calligraphy and painting association is going to hold an ancient calligraphy and painting exhibition in Aurous Hill some time later, this calligraphy and painting exhibition is of high specifications, our city is also very supportive, when the time comes, it should be open to the whole country, making a big move! Maybe even CCTV will be invited to cover the whole event!”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “What a big deal? We’re not exactly the home of calligraphy and painting in Aurous Hill, so isn’t it a bit reluctant to make such a big move?”

  Jacob Wilson said, “It doesn’t matter if Aurous Hill is not the home of calligraphy and painting, as long as Aurous Hill can exhibit awesome works of calligraphy and painting, so we are now collecting famous works of calligraphy and painting from collectors all over Aurous Hill. Although I am the second in command, I don’t have anything in hand. If not, I can borrow a few, and I’ll return them to you after the exhibition!”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “Dad, didn’t you ask Ermao when you went to the antique street today? Isn’t he quite knowledgeable?”

  ”Ermao?” Jacob Wilson bristled, “You don’t know, that kid is a big crook. A few years ago, he learned from some old man, pissing on fake paintings and calligraphy to make them old, and selling them to the Japanese and Koreans who came to collect antiques, and in the end, it all went to the embassy. I’m sure I’ll lose face all over the country.”

  Charlie wade had never heard of such a thing and asked curiously, “What about Ermao’s story? What happened? How was it handled?”

  Jacob Wilson said, “Ermao really has some skills, he planted a mine for those foreigners, sold them a batch of fake bronze artifacts, and received a large sum of money from them, and helped them get it abroad. A few Japanese and Koreans would not dare to go to jail in China, so it ended up being a non-issue.”

  At this point, Jacob Wilson could not help but smack his lips and sigh: “Tsk, to say that this Ermao is really something.”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Dad, you’ve never seen Ermao sell the Mona Lisa, if you had, you would have been amazed as well.”

  Jacob Wilson asked curiously, “Ermao sells the Mona Lisa? What kind of stunt is that?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “I also heard from hearsay that he had sold a pair of ink paintings of the Mona Lisa to a Frenchman before, and sold it for quite a lot of money.”

  ”There’s still such a thing?” Jacob Wilson said in amazement, “Has that foreigner’s brain been kicked by a donkey? Isn’t the Mona Lisa hanging in their Louvre?”

  Charlie wade waved his hand, “The one hanging in the Louvre was copied by Leonardo da Vinci, the original work was by our Yuan Dynasty painter Zhao Mengfu (fǔ).”

  ”What the ……” Jacob Wilson was confused: “Good son-in-law, where are you going with this, how can Zhao Mengfu still have anything to do with the Mona Lisa? Besides, he and Leonardo da Vinci, the two brothers, are years apart, two hundred years should be there ……”

  Claire on the side also couldn’t help but laugh, “Honey, you just don’t fool Dad ……”

  Charlie wade harrumphed and said, “Dad, no more jokes with you, hurry up and eat!”

  Jacob Wilson came back to his senses and said resentfully, “Good son-in-law, it doesn’t matter if you’re joking with dad, but don’t forget what dad just said.”

  ”Want the calligraphy and painting, right?” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it, how much do you want?”

  Jacob Wilson thought for a moment and said, “Our chairman said he was prepared to take out five pairs of calligraphy and paintings, I’m the second in command, so I’ll take less than him, just four!”

  Charlie wade nodded, “OK, I’ll take care of it.”

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