Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5601

  He appears to be meditating with his eyes closed, but in reality he is calculating in his mind when he will leave for Aurous Hill.

  At that moment, an alert popped up on his mobile phone, and it turned out to be Lord Ying who wanted to speak to him.

  He immediately opened his phone, entered the special software and connected with Lord Ying.

  On the phone, Lord Ying’s cold voice came out, “Uncle Jaro, I asked you to go to Aurous Hill to find the whereabouts of Bruce wade’s son, why are you still delayed?”

  Uncle Jaro hurriedly explained, “Lord Ying, my subordinate has some ideas that I would like to report to you!”

  Lord Ying said in a cold voice, “Speak!”

  As for the Aurous Hill side, I think, as you said, the son of Bruce wade has been alive and dead for twenty years, if he has been in Aurous Hill for such a long time, he would not have left just because I looked for Lin Wan Er for two more days, and if he has already left Aurous Hill in the If he had left Aurous Hill at any time in the past twenty years, it would have been very difficult for me to find any clues about him. Therefore, I think that …… there is no hurry about the son of Bruce wade, and finding Lin Wan Er as soon as possible would be the best option to solve the worries of Lord Ying!”

  ”Bastard!” Lord Ying reprimanded sternly, “All you have to do is to obey all my orders, no questioning, no neglect, otherwise, you are disobeying orders!”

  Uncle Jaro hurriedly said, “My subordinate will die, please condemn Lord Ying!”

  Lord Ying said in a cold voice, “I can ignore what you did before, but from now on, if you disobey my orders again, I will not blame you for being unkind!”

  Uncle Jaro said apprehensively, “Don’t worry, Lord Ying, from now on, my subordinates will carry out your orders strictly!”

  Lord Ying said coldly, “Good! This time you go to Aurous Hill, I have another task for you!”

  Uncle Jaro blurted out, “Please be explicit, Lord Ying!”

  Lord Ying said, “I have received news that the An family has gone to Aurous Hill! An Qishan and his wife, as well as their three sons and one daughter, are all in Aurous Hill at this time. I suspect that they are also looking for the whereabouts of Bruce wade’s son, so I want you to go to Aurous Hill and kill them all, leaving no one behind!”

  Uncle Jaro was horrified, “The An family? Lord Ying, the An family has mysterious forces behind them, so I wonder if there is a risk of exposure if I risk assassination?”

  Lord Ying coldly snorted, “What are you afraid of, even if there is an expert behind the An Family, that expert’s strength cannot be greater than yours!”

  Saying that, Lord Ying added, “The reason why Uncle Jian Gong died was because the other side used a close-in defence cannon to ambush him, but in a place like Aurous Hill, you don’t have to worry, there is absolutely no way anyone would be capable of laying such a killing weapon in Aurous Hill! At that time, you can just rush into the An Family’s Wanliu Villa and go on a killing spree, absolutely no one will be able to stop you!”

  Although Uncle Jaro’s heart was a bit uncertain, he knew that there was indeed some truth in what Lord Ying had said, so he asked, “Lord Ying, when I arrive at Aurous Hill, should I kill the An family first, or should I look for Bruce wade’s son first?”

  Lord Ying said coldly, “Kill the An family first. If Bruce wade’s son is really still alive, you will be able to force him to reveal himself by killing the An family in Aurous Hill!”

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