Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5599

  Gapin Sanren shook his head and spoke, “I don’t know where she is, but I personally speculate that the odds are that she is in China, so it would be best for you to gather a group of disciples and have them travel around the country in the name of cloud travel to look for her!”

  Gapin Sanren nodded and said, “No problem, I’ll arrange it!”

  ”Good.” Uncle Jaro nodded gently and spoke, “Leave this matter to you, and remember to notify me at the first sign of any clues.”

  ”Yes, Senior Uncle!” Gapin Sanren hastily agreed, and then asked Uncle Jaro, “Right, Senior, those waiting outside are my senior disciples, if you can bring your disciples to seek longevity in the future, can you also bring them along? They are all loyal disciples of the Chang Yun Guan and have dedicated themselves to it for many years, if everyone has the opportunity to seek longevity, then the foundation of the Chang Yun Guan will surely endure for all time!”

  Uncle Jaro smiled and nodded, “They are all disciples of my Changyun Guan, and now that I alone have attained the Dao, I will naturally let the whole Changyun Guan’s chickens and dogs rise to the sky!”

  With that, he turned his words and added, “Only, this matter cannot be known to too many people for the time being, after all, once such a matter as reversing the heavens and changing one’s fate is known to the world, it will certainly cause a sensation and will also attract unnecessary trouble to the Changyun Guan, so after you leave me, you have to call them here and convey to them exactly what I have said, and also instruct them not to divulge half a word to the outside world!”

  ”Don’t worry, Master!” Gapin Sanren assured, “I will definitely instruct them to keep the secret!”

  Uncle Jaro nodded and said, “That’s good, then I’ll wait for your good news!”

  Gapin Sanren asked, “Senior, I wonder where you are living now? If you don’t mind, I’ll have someone prepare a room for you!”

  Uncle Jaro shook his head, “It’s not convenient for you here.”

  After saying that, he looked at the time and said, “Alright, I won’t talk to you much today, I still have a lot of things to do, so you should hurry up and make arrangements, I’ll leave you my phone number, so you can communicate anytime if there are things.”

  ”Good!” Gapin Sanren respectfully said, “Then I won’t leave senior disciple behind!”

  When Jaro Bo and Gapin San Ren came out of the secret room, the other elders of Chang Yun Guan, one and all, had been waiting here for a long time.

  Not only was Gapin Sanren looking forward to being able to seek longevity, but so were all of them.

  If they had not wanted to obtain spiritual energy and seek longevity, how could they have been so determined to stay here?

  Right now, Jaro Bo is the best opportunity for them.

  When they saw Uncle Jaro come out, they hurriedly greeted him and bowed to him with respect.

  Uncle Jaro knew what was going through their minds, and when he saw the crowd kneeling on the ground, he said indifferently, “Fellow nephews, I have already spoken to Gapin about the Way of Eternal Life, so I will let Gapin tell you more about it later.

  As soon as they heard that Uncle Jaro wanted to leave, they were disappointed to the core, and one of them said respectfully, “Senior Uncle Jaro, you have been away from Changyun Guan for so many years, and this time you are leaving just after you have returned, it is too hasty ……”

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