Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5596

It was at that time that he decided to leave the Chang Yun Guild and give up using pills to enter the Dao and find another way.

By chance, he joined the Society for the Breaking of the Qing and, with the guidance and help of Lord Ying, mastered the aura.

Over the years, he has returned to China several times in different capacities, but has not come to the Long Cloud View.

The reason why he did not come to Chang Yun Guan was because Uncle Jaro did not want the disciples of Chang Yun Guan to know that he had found the method of eternal life.

In his opinion, he had gone through a great deal of hardship before finally entering the Way, and this kind of secret should never be made known to anyone who knows him, including the Chang Yun Guan.

The only people he could use at the moment were the Daoist priests of the Chang Yun Guan.

At this moment, when he saw Gapin looking at himself with an expectant face, looking forward to his answer, Uncle Jaro smiled lightly and said to him, “Gapin, this is not the place to talk, is the secret room in the backyard still there? If it’s still there, let’s move there and talk in detail!”

Gapin said, “Yes, it is still there! Please come with me, Master Jaroqing!”

The aged Gapin Scattered Master, who was attentive, led the way ahead and brought Uncle Jaro outside the underground chamber in the backyard.

Several of his other disciples wanted to go with him, but Uncle Jaro made a faux pas at this time.

He said to Gapin Sanren, “Gapin, what you and I are going to talk about is a matter of great importance, so it is prudent for the two of us to have a chat first.”

Gapin Sanren dared not disobey, and nodded hastily, “Yes, Master!”

He then left the others outside the secret chamber and entered it with Uncle Jaro.

Inside the chamber, before Uncle Jaro could stand still, Gapin, who was leading the way, suddenly turned around, knelt down on both knees and said respectfully, “Uncle Jaroqing, Gapin never thought that he would see you again in this life! Please accept my disciple’s obeisance!

Please accept my obeisance!”

Uncle Jaro reached out to help him up and said with a smile, “Although you are not my personal disciple, after all, you were raised by my senior disciple and have taken my senior disciple as your teacher, so in my eyes you are the same as my personal disciple.”

Gapin Sanren was excited and said respectfully, “Senior Jaroqing, where have you been all these years? Why haven’t you been back to Chang Yun to take a look?”

Uncle Jaro asked in return, “Haven’t I returned now?”

“Yes ……” Gapin Sanren nodded hastily and asked, “Right Master Jaroqing, you …… have been outside all these years, what have you experienced, I wonder Can you tell my disciple about it, so that my disciple can also be fascinated!”

Uncle Jaro smiled and said, “Seventy years of life experience, how can one tell in just a few words.”

Saying this, he saw that Gapin Sanren had a somewhat disappointed expression, so he spoke again, “But what I can tell you is that I have indeed found the way to longevity.”

Gapin Sanren instantly became excited again and hurriedly asked after him, “Master Jaroqing …… you …… have mastered the aura?!”

“That’s right.” Uncle Jaro did not hide, nodded and said, “My generation cultivation, cultivating spiritual qi is the initial victory, otherwise it is difficult to escape old age, sickness and death, although I have spiritual qi now, but it is not really immortality, just a longer life span than ordinary people.”

Gapin Sanren asked tentatively, “Senior Jaroqing, you are, I’m afraid, over one hundred and fifty years old this year?”

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