Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5594

  The middle and back courtyards, on the other hand, are the areas used internally by Chang Yun Guan, where the abbot and his disciples live and study the Tao.

  Whether it is Charlie wade, or Uncle Jaro, or the mysterious and unpredictable Lord Ying, or the one in the painting, Meng, they all master spiritual qi and practise the Daoist heritage.

  Therefore, the first thing Uncle Jaro did when he stepped into the Changyun Temple was to go to the Hall of the Three Purities and bow to the three supreme deities of the Daoist sect and offer incense before he came to a young Daoist priest beside him and said, “Fellow Daoist, I wonder if your place could allow the poor Daoist to hang out and stay for a few days?”

  The young Daoist priest was surprised to see that Uncle Jaro had an immortal look, and had the air of an immortal that can only be found in novels, so he asked respectfully, “May I ask which Daoist temple you belong to? Do you have identification?”

  According to the internal religious convention, a Taoist priest who leaves his own Taoist temple and comes to a foreign country can stay at the local Taoist temple, but he needs to verify the identity of the other Taoist priest to avoid being exploited.

  Hearing this, Uncle Jaro smiled and said, “I have been practising overseas for many years and have not been to China for many years, so I do not have any documents.”

  The young Daoist priest said with some difficulty, “Daoist Master, according to the regulations, if you want to hang a bill, you must have a legal document to prove that you are a Daoist priest before you can do so, otherwise, the junior can’t do it ……”

  Uncle Jaro did not get angry, smiled lightly and opened his mouth to ask, “Who is your overseer’s surname and name? What is your daoist name?”

  The young Daoist priest said with a respectful face, “Our overseer’s daoist name is Gapin San Ren.”

  ”Gapin?” Uncle Jaro smiled faintly, “Could it be the little doll that Gyro Dan adopted back then?”

  The young Daoist heard with a face full of horror!

  Overseer Gapin Sanren, who was already over seventy years old this year, was very famous in the domestic Daoist sect for his life experience, he was abandoned outside the gate of Chang Yun Guan just after he was born, and was adopted by Gyro Dan, the overseer back then, for the first few decades, he had been studying Daoism with Gyro Dan, and then took over the post of overseer, it could be said that he had dedicated his whole life to the Daoist sect, and was a true master in the sense of the Daoist sect today.

  Such an old and experienced master was called a young doll by Uncle Jaro, the young Taoist priest was naturally appalled, and he could not help but ask Uncle Jaro, “This Taoist master, do you know our overseer?”

  Uncle Jaro said blandly, “Not only do I know him, I even hugged him when he was small.”

  ”Ah?!” The young Taoist priest was dumbfounded for a moment!

  He could not help but mutter, “Our Supervisor is already over seventy years old, and you hugged him when he was small, so wouldn’t you be at least ninety years old? But when I look at you, you seem to be in your sixties ……”

  Uncle Jaro said with a smile, “I can’t tell you clearly, you can go report to him, and say that True Master Jaro qing wants to see him.”

   ” Jaro qing ……” The young Taoist priest murmured, although he had never heard of this Taoist name, but seeing the profound and inscrutable appearance of Jaro Bo, he did not dare to be slack, so he said, “Please follow me to the meeting room, I will go report to the master. And then ask Master to report to the Overseer!”

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