Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5591

Although Ermao’s request was harsh, the two men agreed to it in unison when they thought of the very substantial income.

  Ermao was not ambiguous and directly transferred 30,000 yuan to each of them on WeChat, saying to them, “This money will be my advance for 10 days of labour. If you dare to be lazy and cheat in these 10 days, don’t blame me for being unkind to you!”

  Without thinking, Jeff Benard patted his chest and promised: “Don’t worry, Er Mao, just because you’re so quick, I’ll keep an eye on you in a fucking adult diaper! I’d rather piss my trousers than leave my post!”

  Nolan also immediately said, “Brother Ermao, I won’t eat or drink during the day, I won’t let you down!”

  ”Good.” Ermao nodded and took out the two jade trigger fingers from his pocket and handed them to the two of them, instructing, “Put these two trigger fingers on your hands and don’t take them off, they are tokens used by the big clients to verify your identity.”

  The two did not hesitate and immediately took the trigger fingers over.

  Jeff Benard played with the trigger fingers in his hands for a moment, put them under his nose and smelled them, and whispered, “Damn Ermao brother, this …… trigger finger is something out of a raw pit!”

  ”Is that so?” The other side of Nolan also followed suit and smelled it, and asked in doubt, “Benard, how can this thing look like a raw pit or a cooked pit?”

  Ermao interrupted the two and instructed, “If you two want to earn this money, you must remember to speak less and ask fewer questions.”

  Jeff Benard smiled and said, “Brother Er Mao is right, we are responsible for picking up people anyway, we don’t ask about other things.”

  Ermao nodded and said to the two men, “Benard, you go back to the print shop and make a sign that says ‘Pick up Hong Kong businessman Ryan Gate’, Nolan, you also make a sign that says ‘Pick up Hong Kong businessman Luke kent’, after you finish typing it you can directly You can start work, and your wages will be calculated today!”

  Jeff Benard said in surprise, “Brother Ermao, what’s the hurry? I haven’t had time to settle in yet, why don’t you wait for me, I’ll ask my brother-in-law to come over and keep an eye on it for me ……”

  I’ll keep an eye on your stall, and I’ll try to sell your stuff as high as possible.

  When the two heard this, they no longer hesitated and immediately nodded, so they went to the print shop together with great joy.

  Ermao knew that it was impossible for these two people to receive the person, after all, these two names were improvised by themselves, and it would be damned if they could receive it.

  He also did not know what exactly Charlie wade had asked himself to do because of, but like a human being, he knew very well in his heart a tenet, that is, never ask things you should not ask, let alone try to find out the truth.

  So he sat down directly at Jeff Benard’s stall, looked at the rags all over his stall, and placed the piece of lightning wood that Charlie wade had given him, right in the middle of it.

  He didn’t know exactly what it was for, but he kept in mind Charlie wade’s instructions to ask for five million no matter who came to ask for it.

  After guarding the stall for more than an hour, a few iniquitous species of antique shoppers came, who were thinking of picking up the pieces at Ermao’s stall, and Ermao gave full play to his talent as an antique adulterer, selling several worthless and broken artefacts for high four-figure prices or more.

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