Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5587

  Michael An slapped his thigh, “Oops! Big brother you’ve had more than half an hour’s drive all the way back, did Miss Moore give you a message back?”

  An Chongqiu said, “Not yet.”

  Michael An was a little disappointed and sighed, “Then it seems that the odds are that your benefactor is not in Aurous Hill ……”

  An Chongqiu nodded, “I think the same as you, if this reply takes longer, then I reckon the odds are that En Gong is indeed not in Aurous Hill.”

  Saying that, An Chongqiu added: “And when I talked to Miss Moore, she also mentioned a word about how Eunuch had left Aurous Hill, and I was wondering if Eunuch had stayed overseas after that incident in New York.”

  An Michael smacked his lips and said, “It’s impossible to say, he might have never returned.”

  On the side, Li Yalin witnessed the two gradually straying, so he coughed twice and spoke, “Cough …… You two can’t conclude whether the person you want to find is in Aurous Hill or not simply by the time someone returns the call, that criminals with a little bit of brains, after killing someone, know to do something about the body The temperature and environment of the body to do a little treatment, to interfere with the accuracy of the police and forensics to determine the time of death, what makes you think that people as long as the response early is in Aurous Hill, as long as the response late is not in it?”

  An Chongqiu said, “Old Li, I’m actually not so absolute, I just think that if Miss Moore knows that he is in Aurous Hill, according to our habits, knowing that this person is near us, we will subconsciously think of calling him directly for anything;”

  ”But if we know that the person is currently out of town, then before our call, we would first consider whether our matter is very urgent, whether the other person is busy, whether we would disturb the other person if we call rashly, and if the matter is not very urgent, whether we wait until the evening when most people are not too busy to contact the other person;; “

  ”If the other party is abroad, we have to consider the time difference even more, although it is already afternoon time here, but on the other side of the world, it may not be light at this moment ……”

  The actual fact is that you can only be certain that if that Miss Moore returns to you soon, then the odds are that this benefactor is in Aurous Hill, but now that she’s not returning to you soon, you can’t just let your guard down and conclude that this person isn’t in Aurous Hill, you can take this layer into consideration the other side may also take it into consideration, so the other side just needs to authorize Miss Moore to reply to you later, and that would interfere with your judgment.”

  As he said this, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, “You two brothers mustn’t be clever and be mistaken …… although I promised Charlie wade that I couldn’t reveal his identity information, but now that you’ve touched Aurous Hill, you mustn’t wind yourselves out again, following this line backwards. You will definitely have unexpected surprises ……”

  When An Chongqiu heard this, he couldn’t help but ask him, “Old Li, then what you mean by this, that we are going to find this benefactor, most likely still in Aurous Hill?”

  Li Yalin was busy saying, “I’m not saying that he is likely to be there for sure, I just think that we should not be so anxious to make a negative judgment, like when we solve a case together, what we are most afraid of is to deny something in a hurry, once we deny it, we will block our way, just like when we solve a disappearance case, although it seems that the people around the missing person love and care about him, you absolutely You can’t deny in your mind the suspicion of any of them, even his parents, until the evidence is fully proven.”

  Saying that, Li Yalin added, “Since we have come to Aurous Hill this time, I think we should not easily deny Aurous Hill, but first believe in our hearts that it is possible for Charlie wade to be in Aurous Hill, and it is possible for your benefactor to be there too!”

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