Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5582

  Jasmine Moore was puzzled and asked, “Why is Mr. An so optimistic about Aurous Hill?”

  An Chongqiu said seriously, “Although Miss Moore’s auction of the Spring Return Pill has only been held for one session, it has shown me the attraction of this miracle medicine, to the super rich. Nowadays, every city is looking for its own characteristic positioning, take the United States, New York’s characteristic is finance, San Francisco’s characteristic is technology, Los Angeles’ characteristic is manufacturing, Houston’s characteristic is aerospace, and back then of Detroit, the feature was car manufacturing.”

  Speaking of this, An Chongqiu said with confidence, “With the Spring Return Pill auction as a support, Aurous Hill will definitely be able to attract more and more top international tycoons in the future, thus developing health and the top health care into its core features. and becoming the fifth first-tier city in China is just around the corner, and now is a good opportunity for the An family to lay out in advance.”

  Only then did Jasmine Moore understand that the An Family’s views in this regard coincided with Charlie wade’s.

  Charlie wade’s purpose in holding the Spring Returning Pill Auction in the first place was to use the huge attraction of the Spring Returning Pill Auction to the super rich to attract all these super rich to Aurous Hill, not only to get them to attend the auction in Aurous Hill, but even to find a way to guide them to invest in Aurous Hill.

  Charlie wade was even going to develop a health and wellness real estate project in Aurous Hill, so that those top tycoons would take a certain amount of time out of their lives to settle in Aurous Hill every year for health and wellness.

  And Jasmine Moore did not know that Charlie wade had previously had the intention to suspend the Hui Chun Dan Auction, however, to Charlie wade, the suspension of the Hui Chun Dan Auction because of the potential threat of the Qing Breaking Society was only a temporary low profile, next, the Hui Chun Dan Auction could also be held in a low profile using the mechanism of internal invitation, and once the hidden danger of the Qing Breaking Society was eradicated, Charlie wade would definitely continue to make the Hui Chun Dan Auction bigger and stronger.

  Therefore, the future of Aurous Hill can definitely be achieved through the Hui Chun Dan to achieve rapid development.

  The An family’s entry at this time and increased investment in Aurous Hill will also definitely yield a rich return in the future.

  At this moment, Jasmine Moore could not help but admire the An family’s vision and their far-sightedness.

  Eight billion dollars seemed like a lot, and it seemed like they had really given themselves a huge favour, but the real beneficiary behind this matter, or the biggest beneficiary, was actually the An family itself.

  At this point, An Chongqiu said to Jasmine Moore again, “Miss Moore, if you are interested, why don’t we both further strengthen our cooperation.”

  Jasmine Moore asked curiously, “When Mr. An talks about strengthening cooperation, which area is he referring to?”

  An Chongqiu said, “Both of us can jointly fund the establishment of a real estate enterprise specialising in recreation and health projects, take some more land plots in the suburbs of Aurous Hill and gradually prepare to build some high-end recreation and health projects. This place is equated with health maintenance, and by then, coupled with all kinds of pull from these top tycoons to Aurous Hill, it will definitely make ordinary tycoons as well as the middle class rushing to Aurous Hill.”

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