Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5575

As Charlie wade began to plan ahead, other members of the An family, including Charlie wade’s second uncle and brother-in-law as well as his sister-in-law, had also arrived at the Wan Liu Villa one after another.

  Ever since the An family began to take daily video records of the old man, An Qishan, they had noticed that his memory had changed immediately since he came to Aurous Hill and stayed at the Wanliu Villa.

  Previously, the old man’s memory had been deteriorating, and what had happened recently, even before he went to bed, must have been impossible to remember after waking up.

  However, in the past few days since he had stayed at the Willow Villa, he had been able to remember almost everything he had personally experienced very clearly, and after comparing it with the video recordings, he found that he could remember eight or nine out of ten things that had happened yesterday.

  This change has made the An family ecstatic.

  Moreover, a whole group of people were living in the villa located right in the middle, and they all had a sense of refreshing comfort when they lived in it, which made them firmly believe that this place was a real feng shui treasure.

  In the past two days, the An family had started to spread their investigation in Aurous Hill one after another. They were very efficient and had infiltrated the civil affairs system, the welfare assistance system and the medical information of major hospitals, but in none of these directions could they find any information related to Charlie wade.

  The An family had anticipated that things would not go too smoothly, so they were not discouraged. Just when Ermao had received Charlie wade’s instructions to start making old copies of those three magic weapons, the oldest two members of the An family gathered several of their children together and called Li Yalin, and they all had a meeting together.

  Because the memories of the past few days were all very complete, the wily An Qishan gradually found the rhythm of the main event, and after analysing the situation at hand, he set the next plan, for the time being, in two directions.

  One, for An Michael to lead the others and continue the carpet search in Aurous Hill, looking for any clues that might be related to Charlie wade

  The other was for An Chongqiu to contact Jasmine Moore to see if he could find out more about the owner of the Spring Return Pill.

  After all, in the An family’s view, the owner of the Spring Return Pill was probably the same person as the benefactor who had saved the An family’s life in America. If they could find the benefactor, they would not only have the opportunity to repay their kindness, but they could also ask for his help in finding Charlie wade’s whereabouts.

  An Chongqiu did not dare to delay, and immediately contacted the people of the Moore Group. After announcing his identity, he made a request to visit Jasmine Moore.

  The last time An Chongqiu came to visit Jasmine Moore, the name he reported was still the same fake identity named Huo Yuanzheng.

  Therefore, Jasmine Moore’s assistant never dreamed that the famous American An family would take the initiative to contact the Moore Group, and that the eldest son of the An family, would want to visit Jasmine Moore in person.

  This feeling was no different from an it start-up company with 30 or 40 people suddenly receiving a request from Bill Gates to pay a visit to its door.

  The excited assistant, ignoring the fact that Jasmine Moore was having a meeting with a supplier, ran straight into the conference room and excitedly whispered in Jasmine Moore’s ear, “Mr Moore …… the American An family wants to make an appointment with you to visit the group in person!”

  ”The An family?” Jasmine Moore couldn’t help but frown.

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