Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5570

  Manqiong said, “Originally, I wanted to ask Xiao Wan to go to dinner with me, but she seemed to be a bit unwell, she kept saying that she had a headache, and after resting in the dormitory for a long time, she didn’t get better, so I asked Sister Xian to take her back.”

  Saying that, Manqiong explained again, “By the way, Sister Xian is Grandpa Qiu’s housekeeper in Aurous Hill, Xiao Wan lives in Grandpa Qiu’s Purple Mountain Villa, and Sister Xian is taking care of her life.”

  Charlie wade faintly froze when he heard this, and then it dawned on him that the reason why Lin Wan’er had a headache was most likely because he had sent a little too much spiritual qi into her brain at noon, and the psychological suggestion had been done a little too fiercely.

  The reason for the fierce drug was also because Charlie wade really felt weird seeing her and was afraid that there was something weird about her.

  Now that he thought about it, an eighteen-year-old girl’s brain being fed too much aura must have done a lot of damage to her body, and the headache and discomfort would have lasted for some time.

  Charlie wade was a little ashamed for a moment, feeling that he did seem to have overreacted a little when he saw Lin Wan’er, and had struck a little hard for a moment.

  But the good thing is that this situation will not produce is any irreversible damage to her, if the headache is serious, resting for a period of time will be fine.



  At the Purple Mountain Villa.

  Lin Wan’er, whose face was pale, had just opened her eyes.

  Sister Xian, who was keeping watch at the side, hurriedly asked with concern, “Miss Lin, how are you feeling?”

  Lin Wan’er only felt her brain spinning and a strong feeling of vomiting urging her stomach to turn over.

  Seeing that she was about to vomit, Sister Xian hastily picked up a bin and placed it in front of her, and Lin Wan’er vomited out her stomach full of acid.

  It had been twelve hours since she had eaten at six in the morning and she hadn’t eaten a drop of water. What she had thrown up was almost all the acid in her stomach, burning her entire throat and oesophagus with pain.

  Sister Xian wiped her mouth and brought her a glass of warm water, rinsed her mouth, and then helped her drink a little.

  Lin Wan’er struggled to sit up, her whole brain felt like it was about to explode with pain.

  She forced herself to endure the pain and asked Sister Xian, “What time is it?”!

  Sister Xian busily said, “Back to Miss Lin, it’s already 6:40 pm.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded gently and asked her, “I haven’t told anyone else about my discomfort, have I?”

  Sister Xian hurriedly said, “You instructed me not to tell, so I didn’t tell anyone, after helping you back to your room you fell unconscious, so I helped you to the bed and kept watch over you, our husband and Mr. Zhang both came to ask about it, I followed your instructions and didn’t tell them, I only said you wanted to rest for a while.”

  ”Good ……” Lin Wan’er nodded weakly and said, “After I got on the bus at noon, I almost lost consciousness, it was hard for Sister Xian.”

  Sister Xian said respectfully, “You are too kind Miss Lin ……”

  Saying that, she asked Lin Wan’er, “Miss Lin, you haven’t eaten anything all day, do you want me to prepare some food for you?”

  ”Good ……” Lin Wan’er did feel that her stomach was completely empty, and her whole body had a hunger-induced palpitation and weakness in addition to a headache, so she said, “It’s hard for Sister Xian to help me fill up the hot spring pool in the courtyard. After I’ve eaten, I want to go soak for a while.”

  ”Yes, Miss Lin.” Sister Xian said respectfully, “Then Miss Lin, you rest for a moment, I will go and prepare your dinner and hot spring water.”

  When Sister Xian finished speaking, she bowed and left, leaving Lin Wan’er alone leaning against the bed lost in thought, recalling the experience of being repeatedly tested by Charlie wade at noon, Lin Wan’er could not help but smile bitterly and muttered, “Charlie wade, I wonder if I have passed your test today?”

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